EARMA Conference Prague 2023

EARMA Conference Prague 2023

📋 Poster Session

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Tuesday 25 April 12:15 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. (Europe/Prague) (Expired) Congress Hall Foyer 2 C

🟡 "Sciencebase: New online funding dashboard" by Christian Jagersma

🟡 "Effective Research Management systems: getting ahead of research data mandates" by Claire Turner

🟠 "RAISE" by Cristina Borras

🟠 "Book: RMA Around the World" by Simon Kerridge

🔴 "Knowledge management in Italian Research Hospitals" by Giulia Mollica

🔴 "SDG Competences for wider Impact" by Hanna-Greta Puurtinen

🔴 "Impact potential through knowledge exchange data" by James Toon

🟤 "RM Practices to Promote International Cooperation" by Shaofeng Fan

🔵 "OpenAIRE CONNECT for research alliances" by Giulia Malaguarnera

🔵 "You & Me Together" by Anouk van der Meij

🔵 "Institutional Culture on POPD" by Joana Porcel

🔵 "Research Data – The cost of not knowing" by Putra Dimas D.

🔵 "Institutional change and gender: RESET experience" by Maryna Radchuk

🔵 "How to manage a rapid survey extension to EU scale" by Sarah Vercruysse

🔵 "RFO in motion" by Ülle Must

🏀 "Grants Office: 10 years of Evolution (2012 – 2022)" by Elena Esteban

🏀 "Organising research support 'from scratch'” by Izabela Raszczyk

🏀 "EARMA, RMAs & the European Universities Initiative" by John Donovan

🏀 "Case Study: Ever-Expanding Role of Pre-Award" by Liina Rae

🟢 "How to create and manage research budgets" by Connie Killey

🟢 "Scientific career path policy in RadboudUMC" by Martijn Gerretsen

🟢 "3C = Creation, Collaboration, Continuation Cross-collaborative science diplomacy for the future of creative industries, the bottom-up approach" by Ms. Hana Owsianková

🟢 "The future of data-driven decision making" by Saara Santanen

🟢 "Making a research integrity policy operational" by Sidney Engelbrecht

🟣 "ISGlobal's Mentoring Program for Junior Scientists" by Eva Casamitjana

🟣 "Job satisfaction of Japanese RMAs" by Makiko Takahashi

🟣 "Communication Strategies for the RMA Community Communication strategies to boost a proactive RMA Community – The Italian way" by Marco Berzano

🟣 "Horizon Europe Training Development" by Tara Murphy

🟣 "foRMAtion educational module and mentorship" by Virág Zsár

⚽ "Realising Inclusive Design Through Co-creation" by Aoife Brady

⚽ "Internal project procedures at University of Split" by Bruna Pausic

⚽ "Risk management assessment in the RM profession" by Costanza Caffo

⚽ "Getting started as a Project Manager" by Jake Reardon

⚽ "VITO InterAct peer-to-peer platform" by Jan Meneve

⚽ "Innovation in Research Support" by José Cavaleiro Rodrigues

⚽ "Improving Efficiency in Public Project Management" by Sara Carbonari

⚽ "Implemantation of project standards in WC!" by Zuzana Ludrovská

🥎 "Pre-Award End User Requirements Analysis" by Claire Whelan

🥎 "Looking back to move forward" by Fleur Vermeulen-Duijndam

🥎 "Pre-award services supporting RDI funding goals" by Henna Kemppainen

🥎 "The alarm signals" by Kaisa Adair

🥎 "Custom-made tools for data-driven Research Support" by Maéva Vignes

🥎 "Strategic support for HE collaborative proposals" by Mariana Santa-Marta

🥎 "‘Small is beautiful’ or ‘bigger is better’?" by Oliver Moss

🥎 "Managing bottom-up programmes" by Paulo Soncini

🥎 "Kill the Villain!" by Philip Hallenborg

🥎 "The Bad and the Ugly: The World of EU Shortnames" by Edward Casey

🥎 "Transposing EU proposal to US format?" by Timo Hartikainen



Book: RMA Around the World

Knowledge management in Italian Research Hospitals

SDG Competences for wider Impact

OpenAIRE CONNECT for research alliances

Institutional Culture on POPD

Research Data – The cost of not knowing

How to manage a rapid survey extension to EU scale

Grants Office: 10 years of Evolution (2012 – 2022)

Organising research support “from scratch”

EARMA, RMAs & the European Universities Initiative

Design Thinking RMA

The future of data-driven decision making

ISGlobal's Mentoring Program for Junior Scientists

Horizon Europe Proposal Writing Training

Internal project procedures at University of Split

Getting started as a Project Manager

VITO InterAct peer-to-peer platform

Innovation in Research Support