EARMA's Awards Committee (AC) is responsible for all grants disbursed by EARMA on an annual basis. The AC oversees a broad portfolio of awards that are aligned to EARMA’s strategic aims of providing direct financial benefit to members, stimulating members’ participation in various events relevant to the RMA profession and, through this, supporting access and networking across the EARMA community. To do this, the Committee meets on a monthly basis and delivers a busy annual cycle of business, ensuring that various grants and awards are promoted, processed and distributed in a timely fashion.

View the EARMA awards schedule for 2023/2024.

View the EARMA awards schedule for 2023/2024 in the GANTT Chart.

EARMA operates a number of funding schemes to support its objectives. All the programmes have three underlying objectives:

  • The training of research administrators.
  • Exchange of best practice between research administration systems.
  • Enhancing international research collaboration through building strong links between research administration systems.

Current awards

Annual Recognition Awards

Training Awards

Annual Conference Attendance Awards (Event Access Awards)

Conference Accepted Speaker Awards

Conference Widening Bursary