EARMA Conference Oslo

EARMA Conference Oslo

Pre-conference workshops: EARMA Pasta Making Exercise Oslo 2022

Category: Workshop
Wednesday 4 May 9 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. (Europe/Oslo) (Expired)

To register for this workshop, please do so in the EARMA Conference registration area.

The EARMA Pasta Making Exercise is a teambuilding experience for newcomers to the EARMA Conference. Pasta making is a team effort, including a number of planning and coordination activities that makes it a good and timely training exercise. The purpose of the event is to build network for the EARMA Annual Conference. See yourself in a new and maybe even unknown context of making pasta and thereby increase self consciousness. You will be actually making pasta, and the event will end with a joint lunch, where we will enjoy the outcome of the endeavor.

Please note: this is not a pasta making masterclass, but it is meant to be a team building activity only using the art of pasta making as the means to gain an understanding of the variety and complexity of roles in research management.

The EARMA Pasta Making Exercise was held for the first time in Leiden, in conjunction with the EARMA Annual Conference in 2014. Over the years the pasta making exercise has been held a number of times, both for newcomers and experienced EARMA members.


Dr Susi Poli, Bologna University, Italy, is an experienced trainer in teambuilding events and is the initiative taker to the EARMA Pasta Exercise. She combines the pasta making exercise with a theoretical approach based on research into leadership in higher education, research management, professional development even into food practice as a social connector. She is originally from Bologna and has been taught the art of pasta making by experienced sfogline/pasta makers over several years.

Jan Andersen, University of Southern Denmark, is a passionate leisure-time cook and food enthusiast. He has been working with “soft skills” as key notion in the introduction of newcomers in research management and administration. His role is the motivator and to be encouraging when eggs or flavor takes power in an uncontrolled situation.

Ingrid Sogner, University of Oslo, Dr. Anne Katrin Werenskiold, Max Planch Institute for Biochemistry, Kristel Toom, Tallinn University of Technology, will support, monitor and document the process.


How to get to the workshop?

The address of the kitchen is:

University of Oslo

Domus Medica

Department of Nutritional Sciences

room 1130 - 1st floor

Sognsvannsveien 9

0372 OSLO


If you take tram 17 or 18 to Rikshospitalet, you will find Domus Medica

on the left hand side - towards Ringveien. The building is dark brown. You enter the main entrance

you will have an expedition on your left. Continue about 30 meters to the left.

Then you will have the entrance to the Department of Nutrition Science on the right hand side and room 1130 is right inside the door.


You can also take the metro to Forskningsparken or Gaustad and go to Domus Medica.

The airport bus from Gardermoen also stops at Gaustad - 100 meters from the building.