EARMA Conference Oslo

EARMA Conference Oslo

Terms and Conditions

Specific Terms and conditions for the Oslo Conference 2022 in Oslo

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Terms and conditions


Please find below the most important points of the terms and conditions for maximum transparency. To get the detail please read the whole document.

  • You are registering to the 2022 EARMA conference. EARMA will endeavour to have this conference fully in person in Oslo. The mode of delivery is however not guaranteed and EARMA may transition into a hybrid or online mode of delivery.
  • Your registration will stay valid regardless of the mode of delivery.
  • All modes of delivery have the same price. There are no refunds because of change of delivery mode.
  • EARMA accepts no liability for travel or accommodation arrangements or any related costs in any scenario and certainly not when changing delivery modes. Please book flexible and take out appropriate insurance.
  • EARMA will refund all social activity or side event costs in such case the person is not in person EXCEPT for the workshops by Sean McCarthy and Nikolaos Floratos which will be hosted online in such case.
  • You will be able to cancel in line with the specific cancellation terms of the conference. Please note you must cancel at least 8 weeks in advance to get a full refund minus a 50 euro admin fee excluding VAT.
  • The conference programme is not guaranteed and may be changed in any case and certainly when the delivery mode changes.

EARMA realises these are stringent conditions but they are needed to organise a large international conference in uncertain times without risking serious financial harm to the association and what so many volunteers and contributors have built over the past decade.

These terms and conditions are specifically for the EARMA Conference in Oslo in 2022 and will override and general EARMA terms and conditions or policies

Delivery mode

Due to the uncertain times, EARMA has adopted the following approach. EARMA fully intends to have the conference fully in person in Oslo from May 4-6, 2022. EARMA will spare no effort to make that happen. If such in person conferences are not legally possible, become impossible due to practical, economic reasons or are estimated by EARMA to carry too much risk, the delivery mode of the conference may be changed from in person to hybrid or fully online.

If the conference is fully online, the conference dates may also change but recordings will be available to delegates in any case.

By registering for this conference you are not assured of the delivery mode. You will not be entitled to a refund or to cancel outside of the regular cancellation terms outlined below due to a change in delivery mode. You are buying the EARMA conference in the mode which EARMA is able to deliver safely and responsibly in the knowledge that all preparation are made for an in person conference which is much preferred and the first option. The in person character is however NOT guaranteed.

Conference programme

The conference programme remains a draft and can be changed at any time until the start of the conference. It may also be adjusted during the conference due to logistic reasons or unavailability of speakers. EARMA will strive to stay as close to the original programme as possible but is dependent on the speakers for this. The conference programme may be changed significantly if the conference delivery mode is changed. Some session types don’t work well and may be replaced, changed or cancelled.

Conference fees

All delegates including speakers must pay the conference fee. EARMA is a gathering of peers and highly values equal treatment. All conference fees include VAT. VAT cannot be reversed charged nor waived. Reversed charges cannot be used because the conference is not a product our services between countries. It is legally the same as buying an opera ticket in Oslo. Everything happens in Oslo despite the remote sale and is therefore VAT must be charged. The VAT charged can however be reclaimed as normal by a legal entity with a VAT number able to reclaim VAT from Norway.

The conference must have been paid before the start of the conference. Delegates who have not paid will be asked to pay by credit card upon entry and refused entry if they cannot pay. However, those who notify EARMA beforehand with a solid reason for delayed payment may be allowed to enter if they have received permission to enter in writing from EARMA. E.g. A common reason is the slow payment process of a (large) organisation.

UPDATE 09/02/2022: EARMA has released code MEMBER22. This discount code is meant for members in the renewal process or new members with pending payments to register for the conference without delay. THis code is only eligible for delegates having paid their membership and conference fee before 31 April 2022. Under no circumstances can it be used by non-members and under no circumstances can it be used to get a discount below the members price of 595 euro exluding VAT. In case of use of this code by non-members or to get a price lower than the member price, the delegate will be asked to pay the difference before entering the conference and will be denied access to the conference until payment is received. EARMA may also remove any person not using the code correctly from the registration list or from the conference venue.


EARMA membership offers significant discounts to the conference registration. To qualify for this discount, conference delegates must be members in the year of the conference (2022). It is technically possible to use the 2021 membership during the renewal period and get the discount but in such case, EARMA will require you to renew your membership or will charge the full amount for the registration. The membership must be paid at the time of the conference as well as the conference fee. Delegates who have not paid will be asked to pay by credit card upon entry and refused entry if they cannot pay. However, those who notify EARMA beforehand with a solid reason for delayed payment may be allowed  to enter if they have received permission to enter in writing from EARMA. A common reason is the slow payment process of a (large) organisation.

Invoices and credit notes

EARMA will provide separate invoices for the main conference and any additional side events. Separate payments must be made for the main conference and the side events. EARMA will not merge these invoices due to organisational reasons connected with flexibility to change the delivery mode in times of pandemic. EARMA will merge conference invoices for multiple conference delegates or multiple invoices of additional side events. EARMA will also change invoices if needed. Any merge or change will incur a 25 euro administrative fee per request. This is not per e-mail but per request. If the request changes an additional 25 euro will be added. E.g. Request to change the VAT number is one request, if followed by a merge with another delegate, this is a 2nd request. On the contrary, one e-mail to change the VAT number and merge with another delegate is one request.

Credit notes will follow the same rules and incur the same 25 euro administrative fee per request.

Conference Dinner and Catering

The conference dinner is included in the conference fee as well as the catering on May 5th and May 6th.  The reception on May 4th is also included. Delegates may choose not to attend the conference dinner but no discount or refund will be given for not attending. Please notify earma@earma.org if you cannot attend the dinner.


Conference delegates may cancel their participation:

  • With a full refund minus a 50 euro admin cost before Wednesday 2 March 2022 at 18:00 CET.
  • With a 50% refund before Friday 1 April 2022 at 18:00 CET
  • With a 25% Refund 17 April 2022 at 18:00 CET

Refusal of a visa will not entitle the registered delegate cancelling to a different refund unless EARMA has caused undue delay in issuing the visa invitation letter. Registrations must be paid before any invitation letters can be sent. Undue delay constitutes 7 working days of delay. 3 working days are added for each additional request by the requester of the visa invitation letter to change the visa invitation letter or any related documents. EARMA doesn’t offer visa advise, only the invitation letter and any other document that can only be issued by EARMA as the event organiser.

Illness of the delegate or family emergencies or tragedies are not grounds for a cancellation or refund. Only long term illness by the delegate which is signalled and proven before Thursday 19 April at 18:00 CET will be grounds for a full refund.

Cancellations must be done by sending a mail to earma@earma.org. The time of the mail and not the time of response or the time after processing will count towards the deadline.

Video, audio and photographic materials

You may give permission or not give permission for video, audio and photographic materials during your registration. This pertains to close ups and any material of you alone. Overview pictures or materials, pictures or materials in (small) groups or any picture or material you pose for can and might be used by EARMA or third parties under contract with EARMA. EARMA will however consider removing such items at your request after mailing to earma@earma.org. EARMA will endeavour to remove any item which is not associated with a significant cost. E.g. If a video is produced and we would need to have it reedited or a new video made, this request might not be granted as it carries significant costs.

Additional side events

You are not insured for any of the additional side events (conference options). You are participating fully voluntary, on your own initiative and your own liability. Please check you travel and other insurance before travelling and participating. Please pay specific attention to the sauna boat bath additional event information if you are participating in that. This activity will be on a boat on the fjord (sea). The activity may involve jumping into the (cold) water. Jumping into cold water may result in cold shock leading to heart attack, drowning and potentially death. EARMA accepts no liability. You are advised not to jump into the sea if the water is cold.

EARMA doesn’t assume any responsibility for the loss or theft of any of your personal belongings during the side events or conference except those confided to the manned and secure wardrobe at the conference centre.

Travel and accommodation expenses related to the conference

EARMA doesn’t take any responsibility or liability for costs related to travel or accommodation of conference delegates. EARMA may change delivery modes changing delegate travel plans. Delegates should plan ahead and make sure to either carry the risk, book flexible or take out the relevant insurance.

COVID security measures

EARMA will require you to bring a digital covid certificate which you must present when asked for and an photo ID to compare with.

EARMA will follow all national, local and venue rules regarding COVID or any other sanitary or other safety measures. EARMA may also enforce additional rules which are recommended by the Norwegian government, the EU institutions, EMA and WHO.


Invoices must be paid in euro unless otherwise agreed in writing with EARMA

Contact details

Those delegates consenting to share their contact details with other participants and EARMA partners will not be able to revoke that consent directly in the registration module. They must revoke or unsubscribe directly with the EARMA partner contacting them. The delegate can withdraw consent to share his/her details to any parties in the future by mailing earma@earma.org. EARMA can also provide the details of those partners the details were shared with.

Competent court

The competent court for disputes is the reponsible court in Oslo, Norway.




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Abstract Author Terms and Conditions