EARMA Conference Oslo

EARMA Conference Oslo

Pre-conference workshops: Seán McCarthy- How to Support Researchers in Pillar II Proposals (HE)

Category: Workshop
Wednesday 4 May 9 a.m. - noon (Europe/Oslo) (Expired) None

How to Support Researchers in Pillar II Proposals (Horizon Europe) by Seán McCarthy

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This Workshop is designed to train research support staff on how to support researchers in Pillar II (Horizon Europe) proposals. The course will teach Support Staff how to advise researcher on selecting Topics in Pillar II and how to analyse Pillar II work programmes. In particular, the course will explain how to analyse the 'Impact' part of Pillar II Proposals. At the end of the workshop a Guideline will be presented to advise researchers on how to screen and compile Pillar II Proposals. The course will NOT cover the legal and financial rules of Horizon Europe.

Learning Outcomes (Contents of the Workshop)
Module 1: Pillar II in Horizon Europe
Module 2: Selecting Partners for Pillar II Proposals
Module 3: How Pillar II Proposals are Evaluated
Module 4: Proposal Intelligence for Topics in Pillar II
Module 5: How to Write the Impact of a Pillar II Proposal
Module 6: Guideline for Writing Pillar II Proposals
Module 7: The Role of Research Support Office


Target Audience
The workshop is designed for Research Support Staff in Universities and Research Centres. The Workshop is NOT open to Private Consultants and Training Companies.


Maximum Number of Attendees: 30


Course Presenters

Dr. Seán McCarthy
Seán has been active in the Framework programmes since 1980. He has been involved in over 150 research proposals to the Framework programmes and has participated in over 60 Framework projects. In 16 of these projects Seán was the coordinator.  Since 1995 over 80,000 participants have attended his courses in 29 countries. The European Commission published a list of the top 100 universities and research organisations participating in Horizon 2020. Seán McCarthy has delivered training courses in 74 of these top 100 universities and research organisations.
Sylvia McCarthy
Sylvia is an EU Policy Analyst. Based in Brussels since 2008, Sylvia has worked in the European Parliament and various EU consultancies and representations.
Sylvia specialises in preparing Proposal Intelligence Reports for Topics in Pillar II of Horizon Europe.
Sylvia has a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies (University College Cork,Ireland) and a Master’s degree in International Politics and Europe (University of Warwick, UK)