EARMA Conference Oslo

EARMA Conference Oslo

EARMA Championship in Stand Still (ongoing activity throughout the Conference in the room: Balder)

Ongoing activity throughout the whole Conference Category: Social Activities | Topic: None
Thursday 5 May 11:15 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Europe/Oslo) (Expired)

To register for this social activity, please do so in the EARMA Conference registration area.

There will also be held a EARMA Championship of Standstill. Do you think you can stand completely still while listening to (different types of) music? During the conference, delegates will be invited by researchers from RITMO, a Center of Excellence in music and technology, to try to stand completely still for 7 minutes, with and without listening to music. 

For more information about the European Champtionship of Standstill 2022, click here