EARMA Conference Oslo

EARMA Conference Oslo

TWO1 - 60 min presentation by Research Professional News

Efficiency is the New Normal: Using Automated Workflows to Maximize Funding Discovery and Communications with Less Effort Category: Open
Thursday 5 May 11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. (Europe/Oslo) (Expired) Meeting room 2

Today’s research enterprises are continuously being tasked to do more with less resources. From finding funding, to managing proposals and awards, to promoting the impact of research, successful research organizations need the right tools to help them work more efficiently along the way. Today’s “new normal” necessitates that research administrators work smarter not harder – especially when it comes to maximizing exposure to funding opportunities.

The new Pivot-RP funding solution from Ex Libris combines over 20 years of trusted expertise from Research Professional and Pivot to deliver the most feature rich funding discovery and communications platform. In this session, learn how automated workflow tools in Pivot-RP enable research administrators to scale their operations and output while saving time and effort in the process. Pivot-RP not only makes it easy to find and track funding opportunities, but automated communication tools make it possible to easily broadcast highly relevant and customised funding information to targeted groups with less effort. In addition, built in researcher profiles in Pivot-RP, auto-populated with Ex Libris smart-harvesting technologies, foster collaborator discovery and automatically match relevant funding to each academic’s interests. 

Powerful integrations with Ex Libris Esploro research information management solution and Clarivate InCites help institutions maximize visibility of their research outputs, help researchers and research organizations showcase the impacts of their work, and automatically improve Pivot-RP’s funding recommendations in the process.  

In this session, attendees will:

- Learn about new tools and strategies for efficiently discovering and communicating about funding opportunities.

- Discover how to broaden the scope and scale of your funding communication capabilities while lessoning your workload.

- Be inspired by real-world examples and ideas for increasing collaborations, better showcasing institutional research, tracking research impacts and ultimately winning more funding.


Eddie Neuwirth - Pivot-RP Senior Product Director, Ex Libris

Customer - Esploro Expert