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PDRC host special Study Skills Workshop

PDRC host special Study Skills Workshop

EARMA's Professional Development and Recognition Committee (PDRC) hosted a special workshop to support EARMA's Certificate in Research Management (CRM) participants in drafting assignments for their course. 

Chaired by Michael Papadopoulos, PDRC Deputy Chair, the session was Led by Pauline Muya, consultant, and Tatianna Costa, PDRC member, and explored the various aspects of the course concerning the submission of assignments.

Pauline Muya outlined the context for the qualification programme and how to structure the assignments around the learning outcomes. The session provided the participants with details on how to “build the skeleton” of the assignment. 

Pauline Muya also informed the group that the assignments are based on the individual circumstances of the participant and the research management role that they are currently in. This allows the course participants to utilise their day-to-day experience in their assignments, providing a practical approach to learning.

The informative session then provided an opportunity for course participants to engage with course trainers and assessors in breakout sessions.

The participants were able to develop an understanding of the assessors marking process and gained knowledge on how to pass assignments and how to respond to referral, where additional work is required. 

This study skills workshop was a valuable session that will hopefully be the first of many. EARMA will inform CRM participants of any upcoming workshops.