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EARMA strategy: Empowering European research managers towards professionalisation and recognition

EARMA strategy: Empowering European research managers towards professionalisation and recognition

View the EARMA strategy:  The future is now 2024-2028: Research management in a changing world


The European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA) today (23/04/2024) launched the organisation’s new strategy for the years 2024-2028 at the EARMA Conference in Odense, Denmark. 
The new EARMA strategy, The Future is Now, focuses on three important areas to support the professionalisation and recognition of the European research management (RM) community up to 2028 - community engagement, professional development and recognition.  
The three pillars of the strategic plan will engage research managers through networking and sharing best practice, enable career pathways through continuous professional development and will seek to influence European and national policy and practices via national RM communities. 
Dipti Pandya, EARMA Chair, said: “In our rapidly changing world, the role of research managers and administrators (RMAs) has never been more critical. The need for our roles and the important work we do in strengthening the strategic capacity of Europe’s research performing, innovation and funding organisations is becoming more evident.” 
“While we celebrate the growing recognition of our profession by key stakeholders, including the European Commission through initiatives like Action 17 of the ERA policy agenda 2022-2024, our community is acutely aware of the disparities in recognition, expertise, and the value that our contribution to excellent research brings across European RM communities.” 
“This new strategy will seek to address those challenges in professionalisation, advocate for greater recognition and community engagement with and for our members whilst increasing the diversity of our membership base across Europe and internationally,” Dipti Pandya concluded. 
Nik Claesen, EARMA Managing Director, said: “Investing in the continuous professional development of our members is at the forefront of our strategy. Our aim is to cultivate a futureproofed thriving community where skills development is prioritised, and continuous learning enabled. By setting robust standards and promoting their adoption across the research management community, we will ensure our members are equipped to unlock their full potential.” 
“Over the course of this new EARMA strategy, we will broaden our outreach activities to connect with research managers who are less aware of our vibrant community and we will seek to influence policy and drive positive change within the RM profession. The Future is Now will allow our association to further support and strengthen European research and innovation through concrete, research manager centred actions,” Nik Claesen concluded. 
EARMA would like to thank the association’s core members for their contribution to the new strategic plan and for ensuring that the membership is placed at the core of the association’s objectives over the coming years. 
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