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10 recommendations for FP10: EARMA calls for strategic investment in research management

10 recommendations for FP10: EARMA calls for strategic investment in research management

View the position paper: 10 Recommendations for FP10 - From the perspective of the community of European research managers and administrators


The European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA) today (24/04/2024) launched the organisation’s position paper on the upcoming European Union (EU) Framework Programme during the organisation’s annual conference taking place in Odense, Denmark.

The position paper, titled 10 Recommendations for FP10, outlines the priorities of the community of European research managers and administrators (RMAs) and calls for dedicated funding streams to enhance research management (RM), streamlined bureaucracy in the next Framework Programme and highlights the need to further develop synergies with other EU and national funding programmes in addition to providing FP10 with an ambitious and ring-fenced budget.

In recent years, we have seen a commitment by the European Commission (EC) to support the professionalisation and recognition of the RM profession through ERA 2022-2024 Action 17 (Enhance the strategic capacity of Europe’s public research performing organisations). FP10 presents many opportunities to further support research managers’ development.

Dipti Pandya, EARMA Chair, said: “EARMA is calling for a continuation of the RM focused ERA policy, currently titled Action 17, beyond 2027 to allow for further discussion, alignment and coordination among Member States and the European Commission to provide concrete initiatives towards the recognition of the RM profession. Our engagement, to date, has been extremely positive and we would like to build on that – we have only just started! To enable successful research, R&I teams must include expert, engaged and motivated research managers and administrators to unlock the full potential of the European research and Innovation (R&I) ecosystem.”

“It is essential that the capacity building and strengthening of RM across Europe, especially in Widening countries, is continued and accelerated in FP10 to reduce disparities in R&I performance across the EU. It is crucial that dedicated budget lines are introduced for the further professionalisation, networking and recognition of RMAs in FP10 within and outside the EU and Associated Countries.”

EARMA is recommending that the EC and the FP10 Expert Group provide an ambitious yet realistic costing of the proposed budget for FP10. EARMA considers the amount of at least €200 billion, as supported by much of the European R&I community, a good starting point.

Reducing bureaucracy to enable excellence and impact remains vital in FP10. It is important that RMAs, as key stakeholders, are involved in the implementation. EARMA’s community represents the researcher and innovator voice and is very familiar with the pain points and opportunities for further simplification. For example, EARMA would be keen to retain flexibility for research performing organisations (RPOs) to select those models that are best suited to them and ensure that beneficiaries’ national rules do not create barriers to participation.

Eleonora Zuolo, EARMA Policy and Representation Committee Chair said: “The European Commission has an opportunity in FP10 to tackle some of the transversal issues that are becoming increasingly more relevant. A greater effort must be made to ensure a better balance between fundamental research and innovation as well as creating a more inclusive environment to enable the full participation of social sciences, arts, and humanities (SSH) disciplines.”

“In our position paper, EARMA puts forward a number of suggestions that can address some of the remaining challenges in mainstreaming Open Science. The association is also seeking a more reflective approach towards equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) requirements whilst broadening the scope to include belonging. Preparation to address anticipated increased ethics and integrity concerns will be necessary in FP10 in addition to continuing to strengthen global approaches to excellent R&I cooperation.”

EARMA looks forward to engaging further with our stakeholders and policymakers in the implementation of our recommendations, aiming to unlock the full potential of European R&I through strategic investment in research management.





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