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EARMA Outstanding Contribution Award (OCA) - Recognising Excellence in the RMA Profession

EARMA Outstanding Contribution Award (OCA) - Recognising Excellence in the RMA Profession

EARMA has been promoting excellence in the research management and administration (RMA) profession for over two decades. One of our most prestigious recognitions is the Outstanding Contribution Award (OCA), which honours an individual who has made an exceptional impact on the RMA community in Europe.

The OCA aims to acknowledge significant contributions that have a lasting and positive effect on the RMA profession. These could be in the form of leading a critical project that benefits the sector, organising an important event for the EARMA community, or providing guidance and support to early-career RMAs. The award is open to any EARMA member who has made an outstanding contribution to the RMA profession, regardless of their geographical location or professional background.

While there is no automatic prize for the award, the EARMA Board may approve a financial contribution to support the recipient's attendance at the awards ceremony during the EARMA Annual Conference. This year's deadline for applications is 17:00 (CET) on March 21, 2023. To be eligible, nominees must have at least two years of experience in RMA, be EARMA members in good standing, and have been so for at least the previous membership year. Board and Award Committee members are ineligible, and they remain so for three years after the end of their term.

Anyone can nominate a colleague for the award, and applications from national and international RMA associations/networks, EARMA Committees, and Special Interest Groups are also encouraged. The application is in the form of two references, in PDF format, which may be submitted together or separately. The two references should be from people based in different organisations to demonstrate the breadth of the contribution being outlined. Normally, a page per reference is sufficient, and there is a 2-page limit per reference. The reference can take any form, although a signed letter on headed paper is most traditional. The two references need not be the same, and they should highlight different aspects of the nominee's contribution to the RMA profession in Europe.

Each reference must indicate the name, affiliation, and contact details of the nominee and outline the contribution made by the nominee to EARMA and/or the RMA profession in Europe. The references should be specific about what the nominee did and why it was important, including timescales and evidence for the claims where specific. They should be signed by the referee making the nomination. The referees need not be EARMA members.

The EARMA Awards Committee (AC) will evaluate each nomination received and the awardee will receive a written notification and will be invited to the EARMA Conference 2023 in Prague.

The OCA is an exceptional opportunity to recognise the significant achievements of RMA professionals in Europe. The award provides a platform to celebrate best practice, innovative ideas, and inspiring leadership that drive the RMA profession forward. EARMA is committed to promoting excellence in RMA, and the OCA is one of the ways it honours and encourages the outstanding contributions of its members.

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