Each year, EARMA recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the RMA profession across the entire European RMA community. Such a contribution could come in many forms, for example delivering a critical project that has widespread benefits to the sector, organising a significant event for the whole EARMA community or providing support and experience to early stage RMAs. There are many ways to be recognised for this award and proposers for this award are encouraged to submit nominees from all corners of the RMA profession.

Normally there is no automatic prize for this award, monetary or otherwise. However this is at the EARMA Board’s discretion and a financial contribution may be approved as a contribution towards recipients’ attendance at the awards ceremony during the annual EARMA Conference.


17:00 (CET) March 21, 2023


The following eligibility rules must be met:

  • Nominees must have a minimum of two years’ experience in research management and administration (given the nature of the award, it is likely that this will be significantly more).
  • Nominees must be members of EARMA in good standing and have been so for at least the previous membership year.
  • Board and Award Committee members are ineligible and remain so for 3 years after the end of their term. Nominees do not need to be involved in the application process.


Applications can be made by anyone to nominate a colleague for the award, and this is the most common route. Applications from national and international RMA associations/networks, from EARMA Committees and special interest/thematic groups are also encouraged.

The application is in the form of two references, in PDF format, which may be submitted together or separately. The two references should be from people based in different organisations to demonstrate the breadth of the contribution being outlined.

Application details:

  • Normally a page per reference is sufficient, there is a 2-page limit per reference.
  • The reference can take any form, although a signed letter on headed paper is most traditional.
  • The two references need not be the same, indeed if they highlight different parts of the contribution made by the nominee then the application as a whole is likely to be stronger.
  • The referees need not be EARMA members.

Each reference must:

  • Indicate the name, affiliation and contact details of the nominee
  • Outline the contribution made by the nominee to EARMA and/or the RMA profession in Europe:
  1. Being specific about what they did and why it was important
  2. Include timescales
  3. Giving evidence for the claims, where specific
  4. Be “signed” by the referee making the nomination

Submissions are to be made via email to: earma@earma.org


All nominations must be received by the EARMA executive office by 17:00 CET March 21, 2023. All nominations received by that time will be forwarded to the Chair of the Awards Committee, normally no later than 2 working days after the submission deadline. This will guarantee inclusion in the evaluation process. Each nomination received in time will be evaluated by the EARMA Awards Committee (AC).

The awardee will receive a written notification and will be invited to the EARMA Conference 2023 in Prague.