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Press release: Mapping the future of Research Management

Press release: Mapping the future of Research Management

RM-ROADMAP Project Launch: Creating Framework Conditions For Research Management To Strengthen The European Research Area

Europe’s leading organisations that represent research managers have welcomed the award of €1.5m from the Horizon Europe programme, to fund an unprecedented co-creation process that aims to define the future of the profession.

The RM-ROADMAP project will be led by the European Association Of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA), in collaboration with key network organisations, institutes and research-active companies in Hungary, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal and Belgium.

Nik Claesen, EARMA Managing Director, said: “Since EARMA was established in the mid-90s, we’ve made huge progress on professional development for research managers, but the community remains fragmented and recognition varies across Europe.

The role of research management has undergone dramatic changes, in response to the ever-changing demands of the social and political context of public-funded research. Research managers are now an integral and vital part of the research ecosystem, and take many forms, including policy advisers, project managers, financial support, data stewards, business developers and knowledge brokers.

With the launch of the €95bn Horizon Europe programme, I believe now is the right time to connect our existing European networks, and create the roadmap for the future of research management in Europe. Later in the year we begin recruiting volunteers to co-create this roadmap by forming an ambassador network, and also build an intelligent platform to support our community on this exciting journey.”

Michael Browne, Crowdhelix added: “We’re delighted to be part of this really important project that will define the future of how we support research, including the new “EU Missions” addressing crucial challenges such as climate adaptation, ocean and soil health.

Through our own efforts to forge links between an international network of excellent researchers and innovative companies, we have come to appreciate that research managers are a vital part of delivering research impact, strategic planning and bridging between leadership groups in complex university and research organisations.”

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