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Join the BESTPRAC core group

Join the BESTPRAC core group

About the BESTPRAC thematic group

BESTPRAC started in 2014 as a COST Targeted Network that brought together administrative, financial and legal staff at universities and research-driven institutions. Members carry out different tasks to support transnational external competition based in (particularly EU funded) research projects.

The network serves as a platform for exchanging experiences, sharing and developing best practices, encouraging knowledge transfer to raise excellence and increase efficiency of professionals working in all possible fields of research management and support. That is why the active participation of its members is expected and greatly valued in the BESTPRAC community.

Although the COST targeted network officially ended in October 2019, EARMA and BESTPRAC have come to an agreement that BESTPRAC is now a thematic group within EARMA, to allow for the continuation and improvement of their work, as well as personal growth and development. It is important to note that the EARMA membership fees will not apply to the BESTPRAC thematic group, as both networks wish to build a truly inclusive RMA community in Europe. 
BESTPRAC is run by a Core Group of volunteers whose Core Actions/ Responsibilities are the following:

  • Representing the core principles of BESTPRAC: Fostering community building and sharing best practices among research managers throughout Europe, with an inclusive and diverse approach.
  • Organising two events annually, one in-person and one online, to unite the entire BESTPRAC community, facilitating the exchange of best practices and offering short-term training and networking opportunities. 
  • Monitoring and fostering collaborative work within the BESTPRAC Working Groups. 
  • Mobilising and representing BESTPRAC community members in national and international discussions regarding the professionalisation and recognition of science management as a profession. 
  • Advocating for the interests of the BESTPRAC community in EARMA strategic meetings and other decision-making activities.
  • Maintaining constant communication and collaboration with the EARMA Board, Secretariat and other EARMA Thematic Groups. 
  • Developing an annual activity plan for the thematic group to present and discuss with EARMA. 
  • Promoting continuous engagement of the BESTPRAC community by sharing updates via the mailing list and BESTPRAC's social media channels. 
  • Organising 2 dissemination events for the wider EARMA community per year together with the EARMA executive office. These can be online and/or in-person and the core group is encouraged to propose suitable locations. 
  • At the end of their term, the coordinating group is responsible for organising the call for the next BESTPRAC coordinating group.


The BESTPRAC core group will comprise of 7 members (Chair, Vice-Chair, WG1-Administration Group Leader, WG1 Vice-Leader, WG2-Financial Group Leader, WG2 Vice-Leader, Community Manager) with a mandate of two (2) years and one (1) year of transition for the smooth operation of the new coordinating group. The coordinating group should organise their collaborative work in quarterly regular meetings or whenever necessary e.g. needed more frequently close to a group event. All decisions of the coordinating group are made by a majority vote.

Call for the BESTPRAC Core Group

Until May 26, 2024, a call is open for a new coordination group for the BESTPRAC thematic group. The call is open to all research managers who are also EARMA members and who are interested in energising and coordinating BESTPRAC according to the above-mentioned terms of reference. By May 26, 2024, candidates should send a brief motivational letter (max. 1 page) outlining their interest and potential plans for actions/strategic vision within the coordination of the BESTPRAC thematic group via email to Between May 27, 2024, and June 12, 2024, the current BESTPRAC thematic group Core Group will evaluate the received applications. We expect the results to be communicated and the new Core Group to officially start mid-June 2024. The incoming Core Group members will be supported in all aspects by the outgoing Core Group members during their first year. This will be a transition period aimed to ensure a smooth adaptation of newcomers to the Core Group along with maintenance of already planned activities.  

Current core group members

Andri Charalambous
Cristina Oliveira
Edwin Kanters
Virág Zar
Andjela Pepic
Marija Sola Spacic
Madalena Martins
Maja Skočanić Matovac