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Join the Annual Conference Programme Committee (ACPC)

Join the Annual Conference Programme Committee (ACPC)

Would you like to take an active role in helping to shape the content for the INORMS Congress 2025, which will be hosted by EARMA in Madrid?
We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join EARMA's Annual Conference Programme Standing Committee (ACPC).
In general, the ACPC meets as often as required to complete their work and deadlines. The majority of the meetings are remote via teleconference. However, face-to-face meetings (FtoF) may take place each year according to the needs and objectives of the INORMS Congress.
You will be expected to take on responsibilities in the Standing Committee and tasks to ensure the successful delivery of the INORMS Congress 2025 programme.
Normally, a Board member or substitute is the Chair of the ACPC. Where this is not the case, there is a Board representative on the Committee to ensure a good flow of communication.
While it is important that critical expertise gathered previously within the Standing Committees is not lost, the Board is keen to provide opportunities for other members to get involved. Consideration will be given to expertise, gender and location when appointing members to the ACPC.
The EARMA Board is now inviting members of the association to help with the work of the ACPC by joining this Standing Committee of the Board.
Applications should be submitted by January 24, 2024.

What to expect? 
As a member of the ACPC, you’ll be in charge of the programme (no other parts of the conference organisation; Terms of Reference here).

From this volunteer position, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the conference theme, conference topics, abstract selection (with the support of external evaluators), session formats, and other aspects of the programme.

For this purpose, you will meet with the ACPC every second week (online meeting, 1-2h/meeting, from May 2024 to the conference), and you will attend a 2-day in-person meeting in October to finalise the programme and visit the conference venue.

As a standing committee member, you may also participate in an invitation-only EARMA event.

Your term will be for 1 year (local organiser) or 2 years (others), with the possibility to renew for one more term.

Please note that the 2025 EARMA Conference is the INORMS Congress organised by EARMA in Madrid, and the 2026 conference is the annual EARMA conference.

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