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ERION contributing to the implementation of Ethics and Research Integrity in Horizon Europe

ERION contributing to the implementation of Ethics and Research Integrity in Horizon Europe

The EARMA Ethics and Research Integrity Officer Network (ERION) discussed the implementation of Horizon Europe during several occasions in April and May 2021.

In April, during the EARMA Digital Conference 2021,  a specific session of the EARMA and professional associations focused on the importance of ethics and research integrity for research managers and administrators in the academic context. EARMA is a partner in the H2020 project Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity (SOPs4RI) and engages in collaboration with relevant partners and stakeholders at European level. During the conference, a SOPs4RI project representative presented main findings and outcomes for Research Integrity and its relevance within the Horizon Europe Framework Programme of the European Commission. Importantly, the SOPs4RI project Guidelines for Promoting Research Integrity in Research Performing Organisations are now referenced in the Horizon Europe Standard Application Form. Organisations applying for funding will have to have appropriate procedures, policies and structures in place to foster responsible research practices, prevent questionable research practices and research misconduct. 

In May, ERION gathered for its 7th meeting. More than 100 colleagues across Europe interacted online during the workshop. In a first part of the programme, representatives from the European Commission, the H2020 SOPs4rI project and ERION community discussed novelties in Horizon Europe for Ethics and Research Integrity in particular how institutions could foster responsible research by putting in place ‘Research Integrity Promotion Plans’ (RIPPs). In a second session, members of the ERION community presented experiences of good examples but also challenges and struggles in relation to the implementation of Horizon Europe and the needed adjustments (e.g. RIPPs, structures, frameworks etc.). Participants discussed then in several discussion tables in zoom breakout rooms. For more information about the workshop and to watch the 7th meeting back, please visit our digital sessions page.

The 8th ERION meeting will take place on 13 October 2021. Save-the-date! Registration will open in the following months.