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ERION and EARMA recommended by Slovenian ethics, integrity and gender equality handbook

ERION and EARMA recommended by Slovenian ethics, integrity and gender equality handbook

The impact of the EARMA Ethics and Research Integrity Officer Network (ERION) thematic group’s involvement in the prestigious and now completed Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity (SOPS4RI) project is continuing to be felt across the European research and innovation ecosystem.

The Slovenian "Handbook on Integrity, Ethics and Gender Equality in Research Organisations" supports higher education and research performing organisations (RPOs) in addressing ethics, integrity, and gender equality issues through institutional change. It offers guidelines for establishing mechanisms to systematically address these issues. 

Aimed at management, decision-makers, administrative staff, and committee members, it assists in shaping policies and implementing them effectively. This resource facilitates improvements within RPOs. 

Developed as part of the project "Ethics, Integrity and Gender Equality in the Research Area of Slovenia," it was funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation and the Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency, covering 2021–2023.

The research integrity promotion plans (RIPP) developed within the SOPs4RI project, in which EARMA co-led the pilot testing with many members of the ERION group participating as pilot testers, are recommended throughout the handbook.

Additionally, ERION and EARMA are mentioned as a “best practice” example, recommended to RPOs as a source for information, hands-on expertise, and as a vehicle to share experiences on topics related to research ethics and integrity.

To find out more about ERION and how you can get involved, visit the ERION webpage. To find out more about SOPS4RI and the toolbox developed in the project, visit the website.