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EARMA ERION meetings and events in 2020

EARMA ERION meetings and events in 2020

2020 was a challenging year of transition. While we were able to meet for our last physical meeting in March 2020 in Eindhoven, more information here, activities shifted to online for the rest of the year.

In June, we hosted two ERION webinars discussing on ‘Ethics support and lessons learnt from the COVID-19’ and about ‘Outcomes from the ERION Working Group on training programmes for researchers’.

We then met for the 6th ERION meeting in October 2020 addressing the topic of research evaluation with two distinguished speakers exchanging views about responsible research practices and the Research Ethics Appraisal process in Horizon Europe.

The 6th ERION meeting was also an opportunity for the launch of the community report ‘Guidance for implementation of ethics and integrity training’. The report is a guidance for research integrity and ethics practitioners in academia. It identifies the key themes that lead to good practices and essential principles for an effective and successful approach to training. The report focuses on a hands-on approach with a checklist to help create an effective Ethics and Research Integrity training programme and provides links to relevant resources that help build that training.