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EARMA seeks 2 additional Content Coordinators to support the online programme

EARMA seeks 2 additional Content Coordinators to support the online programme

We are looking for 2 volunteer coordinators to assist with online content and informal networking activities to be delivered for members over the next year. The coordinators will help plan the activities, find and brief speakers, ensure consistency and logic within the event series, and ensure that the content delivered is valuable to members.

The coordinators will be supported by the EARMA Office with day-to-day tasks, communications and delivery of the event. This means they can focus on the planning, the content and the speakers. This is a significant commitment. There will be approximately 10 activities per year for a duo of two coordinators.

We are looking to have newcomers, who would like to get more involved in EARMA´s activities, to work with a more experienced EARMA member in this duo but, of course, we also welcome all members to apply. The coordinators will have a mandate to decide on the content based on the framework set out by the EARMA Board and Executive Office.

We are calling for 2 coordinators:

  • 1 for the EARMA Digital Presentations (Presentation about a subject relevant to the EARMA community. 1-5 speakers, 30-90 minutes to share their experiences, best practices and or stories followed by a Q&A).
  • 1 for “Coffee with EARMA” sessions (Light networking such as having a coffee, a quiz, a book review or any interesting suggestion from our community). We are particularly keen to bring onboard someone with an interest in learning how to use innovative online networking and conferencing platforms.

EARMA is currently delivering a lot of online events and activities. As always, EARMA will provide a platform to members to share best practices and expertise but we also plan more informal networking opportunities.

We are currently building a new website, members’ area and online events system to accommodate this. The Digital Presentations and ‘Coffee with’ sessions will be available to all EARMA members.

This is a commitment up to the end of 2021. The coordinators will be selected by the EARMA Board.

Please note that this is a volunteer position.

Applications are welcomed until March 31, 2021.