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Celebrating excellence: EARMA's Annual Recognition Awards Ceremony 2024

Celebrating excellence: EARMA's Annual Recognition Awards Ceremony 2024

On April 24, 2024, amidst the bustling atmosphere of the EARMA Conference Gala Dinner in Odense, Denmark, EARMA hosted our prestigious Annual Recognition Awards ceremony. This annual honouring serves as a beacon of appreciation, highlighting the contribution of individuals whose unwavering dedication has significantly enriched the EARMA community.

EARMA's Recognition Awards consist of three individual accolades, each symbolising remarkable contributions made by individuals who have devoted considerable time and effort to serve the association. These distinguished awards include the Voluntary Service Recognition Award, the Outstanding Contribution Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

This year marked a significant milestone as EARMA introduced a new addition to its esteemed line-up of awards – the External Recognition Award. Designed to acknowledge individuals external to the association who have made substantial and sustained contributions to the EARMA community from within their own organisations, this award represents a unique gesture of appreciation towards external collaborators.

The inaugural recipient of the External Recognition Award, Stijn Delaure, Policy Officer at the European Commission and Research & Innovation Adviser for the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and partnership that EARMA values deeply.

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Following this momentous introduction, the ceremony proceeded to honour outstanding members of the EARMA community with the Voluntary Service Recognition Award. This accolade acknowledges the extraordinary efforts of individuals who tirelessly contribute to EARMA's activities, such as organising events and spearheading special interest groups. Jagdees (Jag) Pabla emerged as this year's recipient, embodying the ethos of volunteerism and selfless dedication.

Moving forward with equal enthusiasm, the spotlight then shifted to the Outstanding Contribution Award. This prestigious honour recognises individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the research management profession across Europe. Astrid Vigtil, celebrated for her multifaceted involvement in EARMA's Standing Committees and professional development initiatives, was rightfully lauded for her outstanding achievements.

Lastly, the ceremony culminated in the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award, the pinnacle of recognition within the EARMA community. Reserved for individuals who have demonstrated sustained excellence and leadership in the global research management profession, this award holds a special place of honour. This year, Anna Groeninx was bestowed with this esteemed accolade, acknowledging her profound impact and enduring commitment to advancing the field of research management.

As each award recipient took the stage to join Dipti Pandya, EARMA Chair, their achievements served as a testament to the collective spirit of collaboration and excellence that defines EARMA. Their dedication and passion inspire us all to strive for greater heights and make meaningful contributions to the research and innovation ecosystem.

The Annual Recognition Awards ceremony not only celebrates individual accomplishments but also underscores EARMA's commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community where recognition, appreciation, and collaboration thrive. As we reflect on the remarkable achievements of our award recipients, we are reminded of the transformative power of collective effort and shared purpose in shaping the future of research management together.