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Call for EARMA Conference 2024

Call for EARMA Conference 2024

CALL NOW CLOSED. The next EARMA conference to bid for will be 2026. If interested, kindly email


The call for the EARMA2024 conference venue is now open. We welcome bids from the entire European zone. All bids must be led by or have the support of the local, regional or national RMA communities. The deadline to submit the bids is September 20, 2022 and we expect to make a decision by latest December 2022. Please complete the Template for the EARMA Conference 2024 and the Budget for the EARMA Conference 2024.

EARMA may request additional information and do an interview with the bidders. We will certainly conduct a site visit with the top ranked bids. Strong engagement from the RMA community is highly advised and it is important to be competitive. We do not expect local communities to handle the logistics nor make contractual obligations. This will be handled by EARMA. We are looking for professional conference centers which can handle well over 1000 delegates. Please get in touch with in case of questions.