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2nd RM Roadmap Ambassador Meeting | Public Session Highlights

2nd RM Roadmap Ambassador Meeting | Public Session Highlights

The 2nd RM Roadmap Ambassador Meeting took place March 13, 2024, at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal. This event served as a gathering to share ideas on how to shape the future landscape of research management across Europe, bringing together key stakeholders to engage in insightful discussions and strategic planning.

The event commenced with an invigorating opening address by Hélder Lopes, Director of Research and Innovation at NOVA, and Diego Costa Pinto, Vice-dean for Research of NOVA Information Management School. 

The session featured presentations from distinguished speakers, each offering unique perspectives on advancing the recognition of research management in Europe.


Marc Mattis, Policy Officer at DG RTD, European Commission, provided an overview of the Research Management Initiative (Action 17). His insights illuminated the significance of this initiative in bringing about the recognition and professionalisation of research management across the European research and innovation ecosystem.

Nik Claesen, Managing Director of EARMA and RM Roadmap Coordinator, described the intricacies of working towards creating a research management framework to strengthen the European Research Area (ERA). His presentation provided a roadmap for future endeavors, outlining key strategies for enhancing research management practices in Europe.

Marilou Ramos Pamplona, Research Manager at the University of Liège, presented on the Career Acknowledgement for Research Managers Delivering for the ERA (CARDEA) project. Through her discussion, she underscored the critical importance of recognising and supporting the contributions of research managers.

With approximately 90 ambassadors in attendance, both in-person and online, and active participation from Lisbon stakeholders, the session fostered meaningful exchanges and networking opportunities. It served as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, driving momentum towards delivering RM Roadmap with success. 

As we reflect on the insights shared and connections forged during the 2nd RM Roadmap Ambassador Meeting, we remain committed to advancing the goals and objectives of this important project.