The Past, Present and Future of Professional Development of Research Management

The Past, Present and Future of Professional Development of Research Management

The Past, Present and Future of Professional Development of Research Management

Meet and discuss with the EARMA's Professional Development and Recognition Committee (PDRC)

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Event date: Tuesday January 16, 2024
Event time: 14:00 - 15:00 CET
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Event Description:

The evolution and significance of research management and administration has come a long way in the past two decades. Research management has emerged as a prominent and important profession in the research and innovation ecosystem. Therefore our aim is to explore initiatives and projects that have led to the empowerment and emancipation of research management professionals to be able to contribute to the success of science and the impact of research. Through this presentation, we aim to inspire continued growth and excellence in research management by nurturing professional development and advocating for the recognition that it deserves rightfully within the research community.


1.     Research Management as a profession of the future / standalone profession

2.     Networking initiatives & professional associations: BestPrac, EARMA, V4WB RMA Network (Plus), existing and emerging national associations

3.     Education and training programmes: CRM (with a specific emphasis on PDRC work), ESRAM, foRMAtion, EURESTMA

4.     Initiatives supporting recognition: ERA Action 17, RM ROADMAP, CARDEA and also highlighting PDRC work

5.     showcasing the value added & impact of RM in favour of recognition





Edwin Kanters
Senior EU liaison officer at Utrecht University with a passion for Research policy and diplomacy. Edwin is a Board Member of EARMA (European Association of research managers and Administrators) and ARMA-NL (Dutch Association of research managers and Administrators)  and a former working 1 leader of the COST action BESTPRAC. He has presented and trained widely on grant application strategy, research management and RMA leadership.


Virág Zsár

Virág Zsár
Senior Grant Advisor at HETFA Research Institute. She gained profound experience in the preparation and management of various EU-funded projects. Inspired by her WG-leadership in BESTPRAC COST action (Voice of Research Administrators) she initiated and coordinated the Erasmus+ KA2 project "foRMAtion" developing an educational module and mentorship programme for future RMAs; the project "V4+WB RMA Network" and its continuation funded by the Visegrad Fund. Expert in the Horizon Result Booster service, lecturer of the "EU project management seminar" at Pazmany Peter Catholic University and PhD Candidate at the Corvinus University of Budapest.



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