EARMA General Assembly 2024

EARMA General Assembly 2024

EARMA General Assembly 2024

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Dear Colleague,

Unfortunately, our planned General Assembly will no longer go ahead tomorrow, (May 30, 2024) as planned. We have taken the difficult decision to postpone it until the June, 25 at 12:00 CEST due to incomplete documentation. We will notify our members as soon as all the documentation related to the EARMA AGA 2024 is complete. We expect this to be on the June 18, 2024.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you and we look forward to your participation at the EARMA AGA 2024 next month.

Best regards,

Dipti Pandya




Updated Event date: June 25, 2024
Event time: 12:00h-13:00h CEST
Location: Online to be accessed via the EARMA website

Registration: This event is free of charge, but as for all our events, registration is required. Just click on the yellow button at the top of this page 
and see here how to access the event

Title: EARMA General Assembly 2024


We kindly ask for your participation in voting for the acceptance and approval of the following items:

  • Annual Report,
  • Working Plan for the coming year,
  • Internal Auditor’s Report 2024,
  • Treasurer´s Report with the accounts for 2023, and the Budget for the coming financial year,
  • Draft Audit Report for 2023,
  • Membership fees,
  • Appointment of the Treasurer,
  • Appointment of Two Board members,
  • Appointment of an Internal Auditor.

The voting link will be sent to institutional membership administrators and individual members. All members are welcome to join, but for voting purposes each institutional member is allowed just one representative.
Note: Institutional members, please inform us by June 18, 2024, if you prefer the voting link to be sent to a different contact person.




  1. Election (from the non-Board members present) of the chairperson of the AGA, two (2) keepers of the minutes
  2. The acceptance and approval of the agenda
  3. Formal opening of the AGA
  4. The acceptance, and approval of the Annual Report of the Board
  5. The acceptance and approval of the working Plan for the coming year
  6. Update from the Internal Auditors
  7. The acceptance and approval of the Internal Auditor’s report
  8. Update from the Treasurer
  9. The acceptance and approval of the Accounts and auditor’s reports[1]
  10. The acceptance, and approval of the Treasurer´s Report
  11. The acceptance, and approval of the Budget for the coming financial year[2]
  12. The election of the Treasurer of the Association for the period 2024-2026
  13. An election for the remaining positions on the Board for the period 2024-2026
  14. The election of one Internal Auditor
  15. EARMA General Assembly Endorsement of the Botswana Statement
  16. Further Statutory Business

The following articles are statutory on the agenda. If the Board do not receive any proposals and/or input for these articles these agenda points are to be considered as accepted.

  1. The establishment of other bodies of the association, on the recommendation of the Board
  2. The admission of Honorary Members
  3. The establishment of and amendments to, the by-laws of the Association
  4. Any order for the exclusion of members
  5. Any order for the establishment of a mediation group consisting of senior members in case of conflict
  6. Any order for the dissolution of the Association
  7. Any and all other relevant business

[1] As per Belgian law, external auditors are only allowed to release their report after the accounts for the relevant year have received approval by the General Assembly. Hence the auditor’s report corresponds to the previous period.

[2] The Budget should be framed in a multi-annual framework indicating specific provisions for the implementation of the strategic plan. Such a budget should be revised and represented at each AGA.


General Assembly 2024 agenda.pdf

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