EARMA Ethics and Research Integrity Dissemination Online Event

EARMA Ethics and Research Integrity Dissemination Online Event

EARMA Ethics and Research Integrity Dissemination Online Event

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An open event for the whole EARMA community. 

December 7, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CET


Main questions to be explored in this open dissemination event for the EARMA community:

What can the group do for me? What can I do for the group? What would I like to tell to my colleagues who support research or what should they know regarding my job on Ethics and Research Integrity?

These are some of the main questions that we will address in this online event. We will discuss with members from the Ethics and Research Integrity Officer Network (ERION), a thematic and open community within EARMA.

We will discuss the practical and implementation side of Research Ethics and Integrity, focusing on the state of the art in this field in relation to new regulations, tools and policies, as well as collaboration opportunities with the European Commission and other projects and initiatives at the European level. We will also address challenges and struggles faced by the community in their everyday practice as well as in relation to new ethic requirements at European level (e.g. Horizon Europe Framework Programme).

Have a look at our agenda here: Agenda for 7 Dec EARMA Ethics and Research Integrity Dissemination Online Event


Speaker bios:

Borana Taraj, Project Manager for Ethics and Research Integrity, EARMA

Borana is working as a Project Manager for EARMA on the topic of research ethics and integrity. She is in charge of the ‘Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity’ (SOPs4RI) project and the EARMA thematic group on Ethics and Research Integrity (ERION). She has been deeply involved in strengthening the ERION community as well as shaping the outcomes in the SOPs4RI project. She has been actively collaborating with key partners from academia, industry and other European associations and projects. Borana has been working in Brussels since 2013 for several policy initiatives and European-funded projects in research ethics and integrity (current position), energy and business environment.


Stefanie Van der Burght, Research Integrity Advisor, Ghent University; ERION Co-Chair

Stefanie is Research Integrity Advisor at Ghent University, Belgium and co-chair of the EARMA Ethics and Research Integrity Network. She is a criminologist by training and started her career as a researcher in social sciences. As a Policy Advisor she is responsible for the making off and implementation of policy plans on Research Integrity and related topics. She gives workshops and lectures and co-developed the training module ‘Fostering Responsible Conduct of Research’ for PhD students of which she is also co-trainer. She is a certified VIRT2EU trainer. Stefanie Van der Burght was secretary of the Commission for Research Integrity at Ghent University from 2012 till 2020.


Jonas Åkerman, Research Integrity and Ethics Coordinator, Stockholm University; ERION Co-Chair

Jonas is Research Integrity and Ethics Coordinator at Stockholm University and co-chair of the EARMA Ethics and Research Integrity Network . He is docent (associate professor/reader) in theoretical philosophy, but his current position is at the Research Support Office. His responsibilities include a variety of things in the research ethics/integrity area, such as support to researchers and leadership, policy documents, handling of research misconduct, external contacts, and much more.


Joana Porcel, Research Manager, Barcelona Institute of Global Health (Is Global)

Joana works at ISGlobal where she leads the Projects Unit, which includes a dedicated Office for Coordination and Research Management and the Grants Office. Her main responsibilities include Strategic planning of the center and policy development; Scientific agenda management; Ethical issues – GSP and Personal data protection. Regarding to Ethics and Integrity, she provides support to researchers on ethics issues. She has been ethics advisor in EU projects and collaborates with the European Commission as an independents ethics expert. Regarding personal data protection, she coordinates a dedicated working group at the institution since 2017 for the adaptation to the new GDPR requirements. She was appointed as the ISGlobal Data Protection Officer in 2018. Since 2013, she is a representative member at the PRBB Good Scientific Practices Working Group. Since 2018, she is also a core member of the EARMA Research Ethics and Integrity Officers Network (ERION).


Borbala Schenk, Chief European Research Funding Advisor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Borbala is the Chief European Research Funding Advisor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. She is responsible for managing pre-award research support services for the 1200 academic staff, also the editor of horizon.bme.hu webpage. Borbala’s background is in law, she has been working in research management for 15 years, also ran her own EU funding consultancy specializing in supporting institutions in the Widening region. She was Board member of European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA) and represented the Association in the Horizon Europe negotiations as the Chair of the Policy and Representation Committee. She has been member of the ERION Core Group since 2018.


More information about ERION

ERION is a community of practitioners, rules and procedure experts, and its main purpose is to provide a forum for knowledge-sharing and collaboration in order to facilitate implementation of relevant policy and establishment of best practices (more information here). ERION is an inclusive community for sharing not only best practices but also common challenges and struggles. ERION is closely working with the H2020 SOPs4RI project to promote institutional changes in research integrity for an effective implementation in research administration.

There are around 250 members in the community. The community meets 2 to 4 times per year. Topics discussed in past ERION meetings included: GDPR implementation, research data management, training (see report), ethics support in times of COVID-19, research evaluation and many others. In 2021, the focus was on Horizon Europe, Open Science and the implementation of the  European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.



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