EARMA Conference Odense 2024

EARMA Conference Odense 2024

General information

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Tuesday 23rd of April

πŸ“SDU: Pre Conference Workshops from 8:30

πŸ“OCC: Members Meeting - The future is now from 16:00

πŸ“Storms Pakhus: Welcome Reception from 18:00

Wednesday 24th of April, at the Odense Congress Center from 8:00

Thursday 25th of April, at the Odense Congress Center from 9:00​



The proposed venue, OCC, will arrange shuttle buses to and from theπŸ“EARMA bus stop in the city center in the morning and afternoon as well as in connection with the gala dinner. Please find the shuttle schedule below:

Wednesday 24th of April

08:00 - 10:00 EARMA Bus stop - Odense Congress Centre

16:30 - 18:30 Odense Congress Centre - EARMA Bus stop

19:00 - 19:30 EARMA Bus stop - Odense Congress Centre

23:00 - 01:00 Odense Congress Centre - EARMA Bus stop

Thursday 25th of April

08:30 - 10:30 EARMA Bus stop - Odense Congress Centre

16:00 - 18:00 Odense Congress Centre - EARMA Bus stop

The public buses to OCC are easily reached by foot from all the major hotels in the city center. The local bus company is FynBus that also provides the tickets for the tram/light rail (*letbanen’). With FynBus, you can buy tickets for travel to and from the entire island of Funen and Lamgeland (see PDF city route map here: and a regional route map here). You can buy tickets on the bus (but not the tram) with cash. The most convenient method is through the FynBus app, which is also available in English (change language in the app settings). Download the FynBus app for Android phones here or iPhone/iOS here.

There are free bus services that run in the inner city and harbor area at approximately ten-minute intervals. The buses are easy to recognize – they are pink and decorated with characters from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.

Taxis can be ordered by calling or through apps. One app that can be used in all of Denmark is Dantaxi (Android app or iPhone app). The more local Taxa Syd (Android app or iPhone app) does not currently have a website in English, but their app can be switched to English in your phone’s settings. Taxis in Denmark always accept (and prefers) card payments. Uber, Bolt and similar services don’t exist in Denmark.

The e-scooter providers in Odense keep changing, and currently (October 2023), the only provider is VOI. NB that Odense Congress Center/OCC is not within the allowable driving area for VOI in Odense, so it’s currently not possible to travel to OCC using e-scooter.

Denmark is located near the geographical center of Europe. Odense is located in the heart of Denmark and easily reached by either rail, road or air from most points in Europe. Copenhagen, Billund, and Hamburg airports are directly connected to a vast number of cities all over the world and handle approx. 440.000 arrivals and departures every year. From all airports, you can easily travel to Odense by public transport.

From Copenhagen
🚌🚊1h 40 min
🚘 1h 50 min

From Billund
🚌🚊 1h 20 min
🚘1h 20 min

From Hamburg
🚌 🚊 4h 30 min
🚘 3h 10 min

✈️ COPENHAGEN AIRPORT is connected to approx. 170 destinations through direct flights.

✈️ BILLUND AIRPORT is connected to 112 destinations through direct flights.
*From Copenhagen Airport, you can take the direct train to Odense without additional transportation or changing trains. 1.5 hours later, you are in Odense. When you arrive in Odense, the continuously running tramway will make it easy for you to travel around the city. 

🚊 Train travel in Denmark
It is likely that you will arrive in Odense by train. Trains in Denmark are comfortable and generally on time. Here are some tips to make your train travel a more enjoyable experience:

🎟️ Buying train tickets:

  • The national train company is DSB (www.dsb.dk). You can buy tickets at the DSD website. Tickets bought at the website will be issued as a PDF that you can either print, or save and show on your smartphone or tablet (the conductor will scan the QR code). Very few people use paper tickets, but it is of course possible.
  • If your organization allows it, the most convenient method is to buy tickets in the DSB smartphone app, available for Google Play and iOS/Apple. You can get a email receipt for travel claims for smartphone tickets.
  • If you buy tickets in advance – preferably more than a week in advance – you can save up to 2/3 of the ticket price by choosing reduced-fare tickets called either “Orange” (specific train, no refund) or “Orange Fri” (specific train, refund possible until 30 minutes before departure).
  • Buying a seat reservation is strongly recommended; trains are often full.

πŸ“± Useful smartphone apps:

  • Rejseplanen: with this app, you can plan and buy tickets for travel to and from any point in Denmark with any kind of public transport; access timetables for all trains, buses, and trams, and get real-time info on traffic status through the ’live map’ feature. Rejseplanen is available in English and as a web app, and on Google Play and iOS.
  • MitTog: This app only shows you the information displays on the platforms of each station, but on your phone, complete with numbers of the coaches and where in the trainset they are. Available on Google Play and iOS.

πŸ‡©πŸ‡° Traveling by train in Denmark

  • There are three categories of trains in Denmark: InterCity Lyn (express trains), InterCity, and Regional trains (colour coded in Rejseplanen and on platform information displays).
  • The fastest way to get from Copenhagen Airport to Odense is by InterCity Lyn, which only stops at Copenhagen Central Station, then goes directly to Odense without stops. Travel time is normally just under 1.5 hours, but until sometime in October it’s 10-15 minutes longer due to track maintenance.
  • The last InterCity Lyn leaves CPH Airport at 20:28; later than that, only InterCity trains that take c. 2 hours are available.
  • At Copenhagen Central Station, trains towards Odense change direction, so don’t panic when the train leaves the station in the same direction that it came from.


Denmark uses Danish ‘Kroner’ (DKK), not Euro, and cash is not very much used. Credit/debit cards (plastic or on a smartphone) are by far the most common means of payment. Some merchants may actually not accept cash payments.

For this reason, exchanging cash is not necessary, or even a good idea. In the unlikely event that you would need cash, there are ATMs/cash dispensers where you can withdraw DKK.


Odense is known as the City of Cyclists and the bicycle is the most common means of transport in the city. This is supported by a strong and safe infrastructure with a well-developed network of bike paths and bicycle traffic lights. Cycling is an important component in Odense’s ambition to be CO2 neutral in 2030. It’s possible to rent bicycles in several places in Odense (see Visit Odense’s bicycle rental page), and Donkey Republic also provides pick-up/drop-off bicycles via app that can be used to reach the OCC. A piece of friendly advice: Denmark is a bicycling country and when cycling – or walking – Danes bike fast and do not expect (or accept) people to be walking in bike lanes, so for your own safety, please don’t walk in bike lanes.

Odense bikes

Opened in May 2022, the environmentally-friendly tramway connects Odense with SDU’s campus and the new OUH located right next to the tracks. This makes for an easy mean of transport and an alternative to walking and cycling. The tramway forms a central role in the recent transformation of Odense, where big roads with heavy traffic have been closed to make space for green urban development, pedestrians, and light forms of transport. The tramway connects the University of Southern Denmark and the Pre- Conference workshop location with the City Centre, and stops approx. 1.5 km from OCC. The local bus company is FynBus that also provides the tickets for the tram/light rail (*letbanen’). Download the FynBus app for Android phones here or iPhone/iOS here. With FynBus, you can buy tickets for travel to and from the entire island of Funen and Lamgeland (see PDF city route map here: and a regional route map here). For the tram, you can also just scan the QR code at each stop or on each tram and purchase a ticket directly in your phone. Please consider that you cannot buy tickets on the tram with cash.

This video shows you how to get from the Odense city centre to the Odense Congress Centre.