EARMA Conference Odense 2024

EARMA Conference Odense 2024

Attractions and Activities

Things to do in and around Odense

There are quite a few “must see” attractions in Odense – some can be experienced in a flash, others are better experienced at a slower pace. So whether you are in a rush or have time to spare, here are a few recommendations:

⭐ The EARMA conference ticket provides you with a discount for attractions marked with a star. This discount is applicable solely to individually registered attendees and is not valid for additional family members. The offer is valid from the 22nd of April to the 28th of April.


odense HCA Hus round

The Hans Christian Andersen House (approx. 60-90 minutes)

This museum allows you to see new sides of H.C. Andersen's authorship. Here the focus is not on the person Andersen and his story, but rather on the fairy tales he wrote and his voice. The new museum does not talk about H.C. Andersen, it speaks as H.C. Andersen. https://hcandersenshus.dk/en/


Funen village

The Funen Village (approx. 90 minutes)

The Funen Village is an attraction that shows how people lived and what they did in the 18th and 19th centuries. In addition, The Funen Village places great emphasis on sustainability, recycling and community, which is demonstrated through the village's activities and stories. https://denfynskelandsby.dk/en/


odense museum round

⭐ Art Museum Brandts (approx. 90 minutes)

The museum is housed in the old factory buildings, which exude soul and atmosphere. Surrounded by an urban atmosphere, they form an exciting contrast to the art displayed inside. Discover the museum's spectacular collection focusing on 250 years of Danish art or immerse yourself in one of the 8-10 annual special exhibitions. https://brandts.dk/

Odense trains

⭐ Danish Railroad Museum

Visit the 21 tracks of railway history - and step on board with the museum all the way back to 1847. From then until now, the museum invites people of all ages into the engaging displays and exhibitions. https://www.jernbanemuseet.dk/


Odense river

⭐ Viking Museum Ladby 📍Kerteminde

Step into the viking king's grave from the year 925, and see the remains of the viking ship. If you're lucky, you might spot the reconstructed ship in the bay, outside of the museum. https://vikingemuseetladby.dk/


Odense castle

⭐ Egeskov Castle 📍Kværndrup

A beautiful, historic castle, engaging and breathtaking gardens, outdoor areas and playgrounds, and exciting museum filled with classic cars, and much much more is what you can experience at Egeskov Castle. https://egeskov.dk/


odense zoo round

Odense Zoo (approx. 90 minutes)

Odense Zoo is a zoological garden for the whole family with lots of experiences for both little ones and adults. When you visit the zoo, you will surely get a nice and educational day filled with different experiences and lots of fun. While the younger ones play, the adults can enjoy a nice meal or a cup of coffee. https://www.odensezoo.dk/en

Odense River Cruise (30 to 60 minutes)

Enjoy a boat trip surrounded by beautiful nature on Odense river. The tour starts at Munkemose in the centre of Odense, sails out past Odense Zoo and on to Erik Bøghs Sti just before the Forest Lake and The Funen Village. https://aafart.com/



For inspiration on places to dine, have brunch or a drink, check out Visit Odense’s website here: Restaurants and eating out in Odense | VisitOdense


If you want to go for a coffee: A nice cup of coffee | VisitOdense – Sirups Coffee and Wine, Nelle’s, or Riceteria.

If you want brunch: Where to go for brunch in Odense? | VisitOdense – Den Lille Smalle, Café Chinos, Eydes Gastro Pub,

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Are you travelling with children?

All of the abovementioned attractions are well-suited and a treasured experience for family with children. H.C. Andersen House has their own fairytale world specifically for children called Ville Vau.

Art Museum Brandts has their sensory-exhibition for children and another addition is the Danish Railroad Museum, which is an all-time favourite for children with an amazing outdoors playground, a miniature running train and a great LEGO DUPLO and BRIO play area.


If you need to warm a bottle, feed the young ones, or change a diaper, you can visit Små Stjernestunder, a café in Odense, or All About Kids, an enchantning toystore. All staff are the friendliest you’ll meet!


All about kids: All about Kids - Et univers for børn og barnlige sjæle – All About Kids Odense

Address: Klaregade 15, 5000 Odense C

Små Stjernestunder: VELKOMMEN | Små Stjernestunder (smaa-stjernestunder.dk)

Address: Carl Nielsens Kvarter 47, 5000 Odense C


For more information about visiting Odense with young ones, find more: Fun for Children and their Families in Odense | VisitOdense