Diversity and Inclusion in research funding

Diversity and Inclusion in research funding

Diversity and Inclusion in research funding

An online event organized by the EARMA Board

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Event date: June 26, 2023

Event time: 15:30 - 16:30 CEST 

Location: Online via Zoom to be accessed via the EARMA website

Title: Diversity and Inclusion in research funding


Diversity and Inclusion in research funding and management is currently a critical focal point for organisations globally. It is so because individuals who work in research and are responsible for moving the field forward may often face high levels of harassment and discrimination that compromise their productivity and by consequence that of organisations themselves. It is also the case that the design and practice of research itself must be put in check against abuse of power, data misuse, unethical practices, and this can only happen under the watchful eyes of the individuals that work in the field. Hence, initiatives to establish a standard of excellence in diversity and inclusion in research have potential to solve both problems. Individuals in the field will be given what they need to grow and live a healthy and productive life. And research projects will gain accuracy and become able to truly respond to the pressing societal needs they aim to explore.

This online discussion will directly address the underlying issues that are currently keeping the field of research from moving forward into a necessary high standard of diversity and inclusion. Perspectives from European and U.S. American contexts will be shared. Examples will relate directly to the experience and role of individuals in research administration, and how lacking and even life-threatening those experiences can be. Further examples will touch upon unethical practices in research related to the use of terminology and populations in highly funded studies that deliver meaningless and unuseful results.

Takeaways include suggestions of what you can look for and promote within your organisation towards improving the standards of diversity and inclusion in research administration and practice.



april fox
April Ursula Fox  

April Ursula Fox is currently the grant specialist at the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects at the College of Education of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA. She is responsible for pre-award processes and professional development initiatives to both academic and administrative faculty and staff. The office currently manages just over 25 million dollars in active grant funds, and training initiatives promoted by the office have reached hundreds of participants. In relation to diversity in research, April is a transgender woman who perceives a clear need for greater institutional understanding of diversity towards realistic and effective action. She understands that diversity is more than a buzzword. It is about real people, real lives, performing real work, to effectively improve the world we live in. 
Jakob Feldfors Christensen
Jakob Feldtfos Christensen is the director of DIVERSIunity, an international consultancy based in Denmark dedicated to making diversity and internationalisation work in research and research management though tailormade workshops and consultancy aimed at researchers, project consortia, research managers, research funders etc. Jakob has previously worked within research management and internationalisation for almost ten years at Aarhus University. Building on this and his foundation from studying comparative religion he founded DIVERSIunity in 2020. He took part of the first cohort of the EARMA CRM, where he has since been an assessor and now teaches the module on gender and diversity. He has previously served at the DARMA board and is now active in ERION under EARMA. When not moonlighting as a consultant, he works as a research advisor at DEFACTUM, a public health research department, part of Central Denmark Region. With Lachlan Smith he co-hosts “The Diversity in Research Podcast” covering all things diversity and internationalisation and diversity in research and research management globally.




Evelina Brännvall

Dr. Evelina Brännvall is working as an EU Policy Officer at Universities in South Sweden Brussel Office, Belgium and is employed by Lund University, Sweden. In her role she focuses on promoting and increasing the participation of seven higher education institutions in the EU Framework Programme and seizing opportunities in the European Research Area, the ERA and innovation. Increasing the visibility of higher education institutions on EU level, improve the capacity of higher education institutions to monitor and influence EU policies and programmes, and contribute to building European and global partnerships. Evelina has a background in Natural Sciences (geology) and has quite a long experience in research, research management and in evaluating the research project applications. She has one PhD in Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management (Lithuania, 2006) and another one in Waste Science and Technology (Sweden, 2013). Since 2008, she has been an Expert Evaluator for the European Research and Innovation Programmes and other national and international funders. Evelina transitioned into research management in 2014. Since then, she has been on various EARMA (European Association of Research Managers and Administrators) Committees, graduating the first cohort of the EARMA Certificate Programme in Research Management, where the topic on Gender and Diversity in Research Management and Research. She has been on the Annual Conference Programme Committee since the very beginning and chaired it for two years. She is a co-organiser of EARMA Leadership programme. She was an EARMA Board member (2017-2021) and 2021-2023 she is an elected Chair of EARMA. She has also been on the board of the Swedish Association of Research Managers and Administrators (SWARMA) for almost two years.


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