Campfire stories RMA day 2022 edition

Campfire stories RMA day 2022 edition

Campfire stories RMA day 2022 edition

Relaxed and informal, entertaining online networking get-together

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Date and time: Friday, 23 September 2022, 14:00 - 15:00 CET

Purpose of the event: To celebrate International Research Administrators Day 2022 in the best possible way!

Event description:

The EARMA Campfire Events are a very informal way to gather the EARMA community together online to network and have fun. What could be a better way to celebrate together? The celebrations of the International Research Administrators day have increased in visibility globally, and this year's event, is the second EARMA Campfire Event held in recognition of the International Research Administrators day (actual date of RMA day: 25 September 2022, but that's a Sunday).

Come and join us for as long or short as you can during the above indicated time and let's have a good time together, releasing positive energy from the sharing of fun and remarkable stories from our real lives as research administrators. 

The Campfire will be chaired by Dr. Seán McCarthy, with a keynote presentation by Colin Cooper, Emeritus Research Administrator, Liverpool Hope University.

Colin will share some of his experiences from his life-long endeavor in Research Support, being a pioneer, globally recognized in the research management communities. (Find out more about Colin here)

Participants will be encouraged to participate by sharing some of the realities of being an RMA using stories. These stories can be short (1 minute) up to 5 minutes. The idea is to learn about the life of an RMA.
Examples include:

The stories could be quotations (When is the deadline? Yesterday)
‘There is only one way to deal with a bureaucrat - be a better bureaucrat’
Example: How researchers become energised near a deadline. 
What advice would you give to your younger self if you were starting out again as an RMA?
Funny Stories
Things that made you laugh in the job of RMA


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