EARMA Conference Oslo


The European RMA Community: The Leiden Group

A dialogue and discussion about building a broad European RMA community


Dr John Donovan



EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Fifteen-Minute Discussion Tables

Topic: EARMA and professional associations


Europe is a continent of exciting opportunities. RMAs are a key component of the European Research Identity. Many of us have worked together on common projects supporting our PIs and many of us have made good friends within this community.

Each European RMA association, in common with all our sister associations in other parts of the world, recognise the importance of professional recognition, career development and our shared experience. The Leiden Group has the potential to be a common collaboration platform between all our associations (and, through them our members) to help us all deliver on these objectives. Your ideas and concerns are important to make the platform work and be relevant.

You will understand the role of the Leiden Group
You will learn how it can support the professionalisation of our work
You will learn how you can be involved.