EARMA Conference Oslo


ERION: The Ethics & Research Integrity community within EARMA

Building bridges between administrators, researchers and policy-makers


Borana Taraj


  • J
    Jonas Akerman, Stockholm University
  • N
    Nik Claesen, EARMA
  • S
    Stefanie Van der Burght, Ghent University


EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Oral 30 Minutes

Topic: Policy, Strategy, Evaluation and Foresight


We will reflect on the importance of ethics and research integrity for research managers and administrators in the European context and what EARMA is doing in this regard since 2018.

ERION acts as a stakeholder for the European Commission DG R&I Ethics Sector. We will have the pleasure to have a special guest in the session: Lisa Diependaele, Policy Officer, European Commission who will provide insights about the European framework and the EC policy in the field of ethics and integrity.

ERION is the Ethics and Research Integrity Officer Network within EARMA. Topics addressed in the meetings have covered ethics and research integrity in Horizon Europe, Open Science, GDPR implementation, training and many others. A key component of ERION is the SOPs4RI project which is working for a strong research integrity culture in Europe.