EARMA Conference Oslo


Impact evaluation of introducing a Project Manager Program in a big institution


EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Pecha Kucha

Topic: Organising Support Services & Team Building

Session: B6: Organising Support Services & Team Building: 4 separate Pecha Kuchas

Friday 6 May 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (UTC)


In 2018, I joined the CMR[B], a small institution, to lead the Projects Office. The Office passed through a remodeling process to become a truly promoting office, based on knowledge of the research performed at the institution and looking for the perfect funding match. The integration of the figure of the Project Manager in the structure was the key factor on the plan, combining both support for searches suiting the scientific strategy with specific coaching to researchers, and as a result, we extremely increased their participation in competitive calls.
In 2020, the CMR[B] merged with Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) and was integrated as a Regenerative Medicine Program. IDIBELL, as a big institution, had its own support services, including Pre-award and Post-award Offices, and the challenge has been to implement the tailored PM figure into a bigger and already structured Institution.
We started to implement the model in the Regenerative Medicine Program, with the aim to combine the interest of the different Institution profiles, obtaining more coherence, cooperation, teamwork, and keep increasing the success rate. After applying this model for two years, we noticed that was necessary to elaborate an evaluation form and contact the researchers of the Regenerative Medicine Program to analyze their satisfaction level and how the merge has impacted their day-to-day operation. But after that, we realized that it was also necessary to analyze the other side and evaluate the same aspects in IDIBELL’s administrative departments (Pre-award, Post-award, HR, Communication, Innovation offices, etc) So we have also submitted an evaluation form to them to evaluate if they have experienced the same impact. In this communication, I will present the results of the survey, I will also explain which have been our difficulties during this merging period and how we have overcome the main difficulties.