EARMA Conference Oslo


Intellectual Assets Management (IAM): does it work?


Evelina Brännvall


  • J
    Josefin Jönsson


EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Pecha Kucha

Topic: Impact

Session: FOR5 - Impact: 5 separate Pecha Kuchas

Friday 6 May 9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. (UTC)


Concept of useful use are no longer only associated with technological innovations commercialised, but they also include social, public, inclusive, grassroots and challenge-driven innovations created in collaboration between academia and other societal actors. A one-sided focus on patents and intellectual property can prevent the spread of broader societal benefits, as lock-in knowledge can slow down the development and dissemination of project results and innovations. It is essential to capture the Intellectual Assets that research group generate and decide how they will be managed. LTU participated in the project where large number of universities participated to have a common view on how universities should manage their intellectual assets https://imp-act.se/ . One of the pilots were carried out at LTU and we had an excellent opportunity to support researchers to ensure the management of intangible knowledge assets that the project is generating? We have tested the IAM methods and developed our research support services in the management of intellectual assets.
In this session the overview of methods will be presented. The learning outcome for session participants RMAs will be methods they could use in capturing, managing and preparing the strategy for the intellectual assets’ management and impact.