EARMA Conference Oslo


Refurbishing researcher’s information profiles in (post)COVID era


EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Oral 30 Minutes

Topic: Proposal Development


Are researcher’s online profiles targeted to fund raising purposes? Can it be an effective tool for pattern matching? How can we help researchers to sell their profiles online? Researcher group’s websites sometimes include unarranged information that makes it difficult to work with, for instance, when matching topics with European funding challenges or when identifying European policies than can be of their interest. At the same time, brokerage event platforms are not always structured in a way that pre-award officers can include more than one research profile. Based on a comparative study on the information that researchers include in their website profiles and the information requested in brokerage events we will explore what categories and type of information is the more relevant when filtering fund opportunities, defining a policy background or partner matching. At the end, the presentation will also arise discussion on lights and shadows of online brokerage events.