EARMA Conference Oslo


It's a Research manager’s crisis baby!

Ten golden rules to survive the personal frustration when promoting European projects culture in research organizations


Paolo Simonelli


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    Magali Martin Mazauric
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    Matthieu Py
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    The European Affairs service of Inria


EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Oral 30 Minutes

Topic: Organising Support Services & Team Building

Session: ONE5 - 30 min presentation by Simonelli, Mazauric, Py

Friday 6 May 9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. (UTC)


Once more…no answers….It is ten o’clock in the morning and you still haven’t received any reply to the last “EU funding opportunities” mail that you sent two days ago. Seeping your coffee in front of your screen you realize that actually none of your “EU funding opportunities” mails got any answer…Ever. Researchers in your institutions seem just not interested in EU projects. You feel sad and kind of useless. Do not worry, it is normal: it’s research manager’s frustration. It is not contagious and, thanks to these ten simple rules you will soon feel better.
In the last ten years most European research organizations have invested considerable resources to increase their European research projects portfolio. These policies originate at national level from the desire of European Countries to recover, through the funds provided by European research and innovation programs (e.g. Horizon Europe), part of the money they invest to participate in the European Union. Research organizations have therefore all implemented ambitious European policies with the scope of considerably increase the number of EU-funded projects. They equipped themselves with departments of research management and highly skilled research managers eager to help researchers to build and win thousands of EU projects. Unfortunately, these policies often sink on the shallows waters of reality. Most researchers are not attracted by European funds, which are seen as time consuming, too competitive and also too difficult to manage compared to national funds. This Euro-inappetence makes the work of research managers difficult and undermines their chances of achieving the goals set by their organizations. This can provoke frustration and in the worst case, can lead to resignation from the job.
The European Affairs service of the French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria), which counts eight offices around France, has come up with a list of 10 Golden Rules to overcome this frustration and motivate researchers to participate and coordinate European projects.
In this session, we will use these rules as starting point to engage and active discussion with the audience, sharing experiences and exploring new ideas. Speakers will animate de debate encouraging audience to provide feedback through direct interventions (brainstorming) and through participative game-based learning platform (e.g. Kahoot!)