EARMA Conference Oslo


Warming up to Excellence in the New Normal

A cross-institutional, cross disciplinary study/presentation of Excellence Grants - from the social and digital sciences areas


Henrik Engell-Hedager



EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Oral 60 Minutes

Topic: Proposal Development


Three Danish Universities (Copenhagen Business School (CBS), IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) and University of Copenhagen (KU)) will together explain their roadmaps and strategic actions and set ups towards attracting Excellence grants (ERC, MSCA and other international, regional or national funding instruments)

When it comes to attracting Excellence grants we do compete against each other. The idea of going together across three universities and develop new methods and tools to improve the way we work with supporting excellence grants will benefit us and our audience.

You will learn good practices from each university (a small university (ITU), a middle sized university (CBS) and a large university (KU) and benefit from a cross-disciplinary approach and discussion.

Although rather different fields of science across all three universities, we all have a focus on SSH and experience in supporting interdisciplinary excellence projects. This will be the “uniting/common discipline” in the discussions.

We will discuss the differences in management involvement including questions such as:

• how supportive are the management of the research support?

• what are the levels of control, levels of trust, and levels of interest from the management in regards to research support staff?

• what kind of structure and environment makes a research supporter thrive and perform?

We will also present and discuss the ways we use internal reviews as a means to improve excellence proposals. All three universities do offer internal reviews but with different set-ups. Is one better than the other or will the discussion create a new and better way of support – A New Normal ?

In the meeting each participant will also contribute to and get a “Word Cloud” of how to approach excellence grants when leaving the presentation.