EARMA Conference Oslo


Promoting the RMA profession over the globe

How the RMA profession is understood in different contexts?


Jaroslav Sip


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    Claire Chen
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    Ludek Moravec


EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Oral 30 Minutes

Topic: International


Universities, research organisations and states all around the world, each in different intensities, agree that international cooperation shall play the key role in further development towards excellence in research. Yet the level of support and means of facilitating of such cooperation differ as in many cases the vague idea of “making good thing” prevails, but the handling of such cooperation itself may in practice be a challenge without prior experience. The presenters will share their experience from working across the borders, nations and continents, combined with the differences of professional cultures of embassies, companies, universities and RTOs. Addressed will be the questions as: what is the status of RMA profession world-wide? Is such profession needed and if so, how is understood? What was done so far and what can be done? What were the blind roads? And why shall we never cease to continue working around the globe?