EARMA Conference Oslo


Cooperation in Interdisciplinary Teams in Research Support

overcoming professional boundaries


Elisabeth Denk


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    Meike Dlaboha


EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Oral 60 Minutes

Topic: Organising Support Services & Team Building


Being a Research Support Professional, you have to be an expert on Open Access & Open Data Mangement, IP & Business Plans, Ethics, Dual Use & the Nagoya Protocoll, the SMART-Method, financial management and accounting, legal issues, communication and project design- don´t you?
The shifts in the europen research & innovation programmes warrant interdisciplinarity1 not only in research but also in research support. In this session, we´ll
- discuss how universities of different sizes tackle the multifaceted challenge
- explore different approaches in our institutions regarding the hand-over between pre-award and post-award phase from research support to project managementshare best practices on how to get other service divisions on board (Finanzce, HR, IT, legal, Ethics Boards…)
- sharing knowledge between the different departments (IT, Bibl, finance, HR, legal….) also pre-award and post-award – what did work, what didn’t?
- are there any IT tools that facilitate this interdisciplinary work or is it only based on human interaction?
- passing on the torch –ahh project 😊
We want to discuss, share experiences, best practices, pitfalls, compare differences between huge and small institutions and learn from each other (because we don’t have the one and only solution either, but hope to make a progress in this session)
Learning outcomes:
- getting to know examples from other institutions on interdisciplinary co-working
- get new ideas to try out or implement in your own institution
- define ourselves as the interface between the different disciplines