EARMA Conference Oslo


Towards a value-driven research culture

Impact expert – an essential role in a value-driven research culture. Where we want to be in 5 years and what might help us to get there.


EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Oral 60 Minutes

Topic: Impact


In recent years, the impact of research has become increasingly tangible and important in research culture. Funders ask for impact plans and pathways, researchers are encouraged and more motivated to work with communities outside academia and to contribute to more collaborative, interdisciplinary topic areas. There are national initiatives that lobby for a newly defined or “enhanced” researcher profiles, creating space for more role diversity and rewarding exchange and transfer of knowledge. This demonstrates that the research profession has rarely had more potential than it currently enjoys.
In parallel, it is commonly acknowledged that the circumstances described above have been made possible as a result of successful cooperation with a dedicated community of professional research support managers and officers. Our community works in partnership with researchers to help shape and deliver impactful research. We guide researchers towards valorization, we locate, assess and deliver new and valuable connections to important stakeholders, and help to maintain them once established. We work to lobby and showcase our institutions’ research expertise in a way that it is understood by a multitude of audiences. And we often act as valued members of our own research communities, contributing ideas, acting as sparring partners for researchers to shape and challenge their ideas – in the pursuit of perfection!

Thus the question arises, how are research professionals developing in this evolving culture to meet today’s challenges, and those that lie over the horizon? How are we developing and honing our skills and expertise in order to bring impat to the fore in our day-to-day work? How will this shape our work profiles and responsibilities in the future and what skills will we need to acquire to meet the challenges ahead? Importantly, how will we exchange impact knowledge and expertise that often eminates from a number of sources within our respective institutions?

Together with the participants of this session, we would like to discuss these questions, share our knowledge and finally co-create some storylines that will paint a picture of how the ”impact expert” of the future may look. This is an interactive session, so please come and share, be creative and feel welcome to think outside the box.

Please note this workshop builds on the session “Evolution of impact”. Whilst attendance at that session is encouraged new participants are also welcome to join this session.