EARMA Conference Oslo


Data Management Plans from A to Z (and Ø)

Practical advice on starting and updating your project's DMP


EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Pecha Kucha

Topic: Open Science & Responsible Research & Innovation

Session: C7: Open Science & Responsible R&I: 4 separate Pecha Kuchas

Friday 6 May 12:45 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. (UTC)


A recent report on Data Management Plans (DMP) in Horizon 2020 indicates there are myriad problems experienced by project managers who inherit the responsibility for developing and maintaining DMPs with little/no guidance (Spichtinger, 2021). The presenter, a new research manager, agrees with the findings, including the need for a long-living repository for information and examples that exist beyond the lifetime of the project. On the journey to collect needed information to create not one but TWO data management plans, the presenter (a non-expert) will share guidance and resources, suggestions, and practical advice on successful strategies in implementing a DMP. This presentation provides a step-by-step guide to getting started with the creation of a data management plan, with advice for maintaining and revisiting the plan over the lifetime of the project.
Participants stopping by this session will:
1. be introduced to key concepts about a Data Management Plan (DMP)
2. understand the core requirements for any DMP
3. be able to identify available resources and meet with others who can share examples
4. feel more confident about DMPs to strengthen their project management savviness