EARMA Conference Oslo


First Impressions and reflections of Horizon EU


EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Oral 30 Minutes

Topic: Policy, Strategy, Evaluation and Foresight


As the first results of the first rounds of the Horizon Europe land, how do we, as research managers and administrators view its impact within our research and innovation communities?

Have the original aims been served such as simplification and synergies with other EU initiatives?

The EARMA Policy and Representation Committee would like to take this opportunity to fully articulate the EARMA community’s sense and initial impressions of the first calls of Horizon Europe. As the representative organisation of 300+ European Research Managers and Administrators and a key stakeholder, we have been directly involved in the practical implementation of Horizon Europe. As the interpreters of EU funding in our organisations we offer the voice of the researcher, both their positive experiences and the initial pain points of the new work programmes. In particular, we have a specific interest and awareness in the implementation of Horizon EU at an applicant and proposal development level.

The PRC will facilitate an open and lively discussion to reflect, share and further explore potential areas for improvement and best practice in future rounds of Horizon Europe. These viewpoints will serve as member inputs into the development of an EARMA position reflecting our first impressions of Horizon EU.