EARMA Conference Oslo


Diamonds in your Sofa

What you don't know you know in your institutional repository


Dr John Donovan



EARMA Conference Oslo

Format: Fifteen-Minute Discussion Tables

Topic: Research information systems (CRIS)

Session: BLUE6 - 15 Minute Discussion Tables - Research Information for RMAs & Post-Award

Friday 6 May 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (UTC)


Every RPO has or should have an institutional repository. As a showcase for what you do especially outputs that are not suitable for 'publication, they are hard to beat but how many of us extract the full value from them? How many of us treat them as electronic warehouses and never look at them again? In short, how many of us have no idea of how much really know? Repositories store so much more than just full-text articles, they are used to catalogue everything from artworks to zoom logs and everything in between and that breadth represents hidden but real actionable intelligence for strategy and planning. We will present our experience in TU Dublin as we use our repository, alongside all the other sources to plan our new research ecosystem.