Each year, EARMA seeks to recognise the extraordinary efforts of individual members towards EARMA-related activities such as contributing to EARMA events or initiating and maintaining EARMA’s special interest groups. The Voluntary Service Recognition Awards (VSRs) celebrate the efforts members invest in improving EARMA for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

Nominations for the VSR Award can be made in writing by any EARMA member. Nominations are invited from all members of the EARMA community, including national and international RMA associations/networks and nominations by EARMA Committees and special interest/thematic groups are especially welcomed.

Normally two awards of €500 each will be made in the year. This is at the discretion of the EARMA Board’s discretion and, where payment is made, will be in the form of a financial contribution towards recipients’ attendance at the awards ceremony during the annual EARMA Conference.


17:00 (CET) on 21 March, 2023.


The following eligibility rules apply:

  •  Nominees must be proposed by no less than two members of the EARMA community, one a proposer and one a seconder.
  •  Nominees – and the proposer/seconder - must have a minimum of two years’ experience in the research management and administration profession.
  •  Nominees – and the proposer/seconder must be members of EARMA in good standing and have been so for at least the previous membership year.
  •  Board and Award Committee members are ineligible to receive the VSR and remain ineligible for 3 years after the end of their term.
  •  Nominees need not be involved in the application process.


Nominations need to be clearly written and present a well-reasoned case for their choice of nominee. The nomination itself is comprised of two written references that set out a clear case for the nomination and make concrete references to the nominee’s activities, achievements and relevance to the overall objectives of the VSR award as stated above.

These two written nominations can be submitted together or separately by the proposer and seconder – if separately, please ensure we can easily identify them as being part of the same
nomination. We ask that the proposer and seconder are based in different organisations to demonstrate the breadth of the contribution being outlined.

Nomination format:

  •  There is no standard template or form used for VSR nominations, however formal nomination letters are encouraged.
  •  Normally a maximum of one A4 page per nomination is sufficient.
  •  Note: Proposer and seconder are invited to present individual nominations.

Required information:

  •  Indicate the name, organisation and contact details of the proposer/seconder
  •  Indicate the name, organisation, contact details of the nominee plus the nature of the affiliation to the proposer/seconder
  •  Outline the contribution made by the nominee to EARMA and/or the RMA profession in Europe:
  1.  Being specific about what they did and why it was important.
  2.  Include timescales.
  3.  Giving evidence for any achievements cited, please be as concrete and specific as possible.
  4.  Be “signed” by the proposer/seconder submitting the nomination.

Submission are to be made via email to: earma@earma.org stating “VSR” in the subject line.


All nominations must be received by EARMA secretariat by 17:00 CET on March 21, 2023. All nominations received by that time will be forwarded to the Chair of the Awards Committee, normally no later than 2 working days after the submission deadline. This will guarantee inclusion in the evaluation process. Each nomination received in time will be evaluated by the EARMA Awards Committee (AC).

The AC will make recommendations to the EARMA Board, which will be reviewed for ratification at the regular EARMA Board meeting. The awardee will receive a written notification and will be invited to the EARMA Conference 2023 in Prague via EARMA staff.