EARMAimpact is an active community of expert practitioners specialising in many aspects of research support. The main purpose of this thematic group is to provide a forum for knowledge-sharing and collaboration in order to facilitate changes required to support the increasingly “impact-driven” research culture that exists in the European Higher Education (HE) sector.

The group intends to investigate barriers in impact awareness and identify opportunities for practitioners to increase their knowledge of and skills in research impact. EARMAimpact will discuss, assess and advise on relevant guidelines, policies and procedures. We shall also issue advice where needed on appropriate actions institutional, national and international levels.

Collaboration space

You can participate in EARMAimpact by joining the special collaboration space on EARMA's community platform. Join the group.

EARMAimpact core group members

Andreas Westermoen
Anja Smykowski (Chair)
Anna Raask
Aurelija Povilaike
Chris Knighting
Craig Aaen-Stockdale
Elina Rossi
Emma Siddall
Harald Hasler-sheetal
Heidi Van Herbruggen
Jan Andersen (Chair)
Mattia Grandi
Petra Auer-Nahold (Chair)
Tim van Veen

EARMAimpact work programme

EARMAimpact work programme is organised in subtopic groups (SG) – If you want to get involved, please contact the CG member in charge.

SG1 - Stakeholder analysis 

t.p.van.veen@umcg.nl Tim van Veen

SG2 - EARMA impact policy & history

jande@sdu.dk Jan Andersen, Petra Auer-Nahold, Mattia Grandi 

SG3 – ESR analyses

c.d.knighting@tue.nl Chris Knighting, Aurelija Povilaike  

SG4 - Evaluation and evidence of impact

craig.aaen-stockdale@bi.no Craig Aaen-Stockdale

SG5 - Impact culture & training

a.b.smykowski@umcg.nl Anja Smykowski, Emma Siddall

SG6 - Interaction of different disciplines

auer-nahold@tugraz.at Petra Auer-Nahold, Kirsten Gelting