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Closing date: Dec. 31, 2023 Policy officer

The REIL project (Reinforcement of the European Impact of the Lorraine Academic Site), led by the University of Lorraine (UL) and the national research organizations present on the Lorraine site, aims to provide the Lorraine academic site with the necessary tools to influence the direction of major European projects in the specific fields defined as its priorities.

The University of Lorraine is looking to recruit 6 European developers, each specialized in one of the 6 specific thematic areas, in alignment with the priorities of the Lorraine academic site.

  1. Environment, forest/wood, bioeconomy
  2. Energy, decarbonisation of the indsutry
  3. Society
  4. Industry 4.0 and digital
  5. Health
  6. Value chain of materials (resources, materials, recycling)

Mission 1: Ensure mapping of research activities within the Lorraine site, conduct monitoring of European projects and policies, and provide training for site stakeholders in line with the priorities of the European framework program. • You will build a strong knowledge base of research activities and stakeholders in your thematic field. • You will identify and establish connections with internal stakeholders in your field. • You will become familiar with the expertise of laboratories and educational programs to align them with European research, innovation, and training policies. • You will identify opportunities and potentials to be leveraged at the European level. • You will actively participate, in collaboration with project engineering services, the permanent representative in Brussels, and scientific focal points, in monitoring European orientations and policies, influential actors and networks, as well as European funding programs and international project calls. • You will analyse European research, innovation, and training policies and their adaptation to programmatic instruments in your thematic field. • You will conduct benchmarks on strategic European project submissions at the European scale to identify major players and find relevant and competitive partners. • You will participate in European, national, and potentially regional networks, in collaboration or complementarity with project engineering services and scientific focal points of the European strategy committee. • You will contribute to raising awareness and training of site stakeholders regarding Europe.

Mission 2: Contribute to the development of the site's influence policy in the thematic field. • You will gather contributions from thematic communities to produce strategic documents (white papers, position papers, policy papers, etc.), and you will be able to translate them into recommendations for the European Commission. • You will organize the dissemination of strategic documents from the site to the European Commission, leveraging the UL representation in Brussels and utilizing all available means.

Mission 3: Contribute to the development of all activities of the European Strategy Support Service. As part of this role, you will: • Collaborate with other developers, actively contributing to a multidisciplinary environment • Play an active role in the collective efforts of the service, aiming for continuous improvement • Work closely with other departments, divisions, or services involved, such as Project Engineering, International Relations, etc. • Regularly and transparently report to your hierarchical supervisor and other relevant stakeholders within the Lorraine site, as needed • Represent the service and its supervisor when required You have a solid educational background with a higher education degree in exact sciences, social sciences, and/or political sciences, as well as a demonstrated interest or experience in one of the specific thematic fields (minimum level: master's degree or engineering degree). You have the ability to work in a multidisciplinary, international environment and to build interdisciplinary knowledge. Experience in a similar role in a public or private organization can be an additional asset. Knowledge in one or more of the following areas would be appreciated: • Understanding of European policies and institutions • Knowledge of the key challenges in research and innovation partnerships • Familiarity with the specific thematic field (see list): either through relevant education or significant experience in these areas Operational skill • Strong English proficiency with excellent oral fluency and proven writing skills (minimum C1 certification required). • Strong analytical skills: ability to analyse complex contexts and extract key insights. Other desired skills • Commitment and tenacity: determination to achieve results. • Ability to report and communicate effectively. • Pragmatism and results-oriented mindset. • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage emergencies. • Meeting facilitation skills. • Diligence and attention to detail. • Simultaneous management of multiple activities.

How to apply

Send your CV, the certification for the required English level, an example of a professional or educational written document and also a motivation letter to specifying the job reference number: 2023-1272112 

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