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Institutional Development Manager

Closing date: July 15, 2024 Institutional Development Manager

INMA is a leading research institute on Nanoscience and Materials Science, with particular emphasis on nanobiomedicine, quantum technologies, and materials for energy and the environment, and covering fabrication, characterisation and theory. Hosting +300 employees, INMA is fully integrated in the local research and university life within the attractive social and cultural environment of Zaragoza city and surroundings.

INMA is opening a position for an Institutional Development Manager within the framework of the Spanish Severo Ochoa Centres of Excellence Support Programme (2023 Call for Applications, pending formal notification).


Key Responsibilities 

• Lead the strategic implementation and oversee the execution of INMA's Severo Ochoa project, closely supporting the Scientific Director and INMA’s Directorate.
• Ensure alignment with INMA’s goals and leverage both internal and external synergies to maximize the project's collective impact, as well as the long-term sustainability of the institute.
• Coordinate INMA’s support units and collaborate with INMA’s scientific bodies to guide the implementation of the strategy and monitor planned activities, ensuring alignment with the project objectives.
• Monitor milestones and prepare regular reports on development activities, progress, and outcomes for the Scientific Director and INMA’s Directorate. Analyse trends to anticipate challenges and identify opportunities to inform and support strategic planning.
• Contribute to the quality control and efficiency of the implemented processes, advising on correcting/improvement measures.
• Work closely with INMA’s General Manager Office in the resource management (human resources, financial aspects, and general administrative management).
• Support internal communication and promote the reinforcement of INMA’s identity and sense of belonging.
• Foster and strengthen relationships with international partners and other stakeholders to enhance the organization's reach and impact.
• Represent the organization at meetings, conferences, and networking events to promote INMA.


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