In April 2017 the EARMA Board decided to change the association’s structure in response to the growth and professionalisation of EARMA. In line with the Structural Change in EARMA document the following Standing Committees have now been established:

  • The Annual Conference Programme Committee
  • The Policy and Representation Committee
  • The Professional Development and Recognition Committee
  • The Finance and Audit Committee
  • The Statutes, By-Laws and Standing Orders Committee
  • The Awards Committee

SC members are selected upon application. The next call for SC members will be issued before the next Annual Conference.

The Working Groups that have not converted to Standing Committees will become Thematic Groups (more information will be provided shortly). These are open for all EARMA members to join.

There are many ways to get involved in the network of active EARMA members.


  • Become an active member of one of the Thematic Groups
  • Attend EARMA events and enhance your professional network
  • Organise an OLAF at your institution
  • Suggest a topic and help to organise a workshop
  • Organise a session at our Annual Conference
  • Write an article for the EARMA website
  • Contribute an article for the LINK Magazine
  • Join an EARMA Sub Committee
  • Follow and interact with us on social media
  • Obtain a travel grant to visit your peers at host institutions or conferences
  • Become a mentor or mentee in EARMA
  • Let us know your idea on how to get involved!