EARMA promotes research management and administration as a recognised profession. As such, a key activity for EARMA is its professional development programme for research managers and administrators (RMAs).

EARMA financially supports the participation of RMAs in the Early-Stage Research Administrators Masterclass (ESRAM), designed for people who have recently moved into research administration (RA) roles (0-2 years of experience). RA roles can be in central support units, faculties, institutes, RPOs, funding agencies or within specific funded projects.

For further information, please refer to Courses & Mentoring.



Grants are open to all EARMA members with a good standing, held for at least the previous membership year. Applicants must be enrolled (or in the process of doing so) for the ESRAM course they seek funding for in order to be eligible for financial support.

Members may not have held any other EARMA grants in the two year period prior to the time of application. Furthermore, they may not have held two or more EARMA grants in the same calendar year.

EARMA Board and Awards Committee members are ineligible to receive funding for 3 years after the end of their term.



The grant will contribute to the cost of participation in the programme (including fee, travel or accommodation) up to a maximum value of €500.



The application must be completed and submitted using the EARMA application form addressing the 3 criteria below:

  • Applicant’s experience in research management and administration CV. With reference to the specific content of the programme, applicants should explain how participation in the programme will contribute to their current and future work/role in RMA. A short resume (max. 1 A4 side) or link to an online CV (e.g. LinkedIn or Orcid profile) must be provided.
  • Motivation: to what extent will the participation to the programme enhance and contribute directly to the applicant’s specific training needs. Applicants should outline their current professional development goals and explain how participation in the programme will contribute to their training needs and longer-term career development.
  • EARMA goals: To what extent does the application contribute to the mission of EARMA. Applicants must outline how their participation in the programme contributes to the mission of EARMA making specific reference to EARMA’s objectives and strategy.



All eligible applications will be evaluated by the EARMA Awards Committee. The selection of successful applicants will be based on the following criteria:

  • Applicant’s experience in research management and administration (CV).
  • Impact on the applicants' future career prospects.
  • Alignment with the overall EARMA strategy.

Applicants will be ranked according to the criteria described above and applications which are ranked highest will be considered for an award. However, EARMA reserves the right to not grant awards regardless of ranking.

The Awards Committee will make recommendations to the EARMA Board which will be considered and approved at the next available EARMA Board meeting. When all applications have been assessed and recommendations approved, applicants will be notified of the outcome.



January 22, 2024.



Awardees are of course required to meet certain conditions as a recipient of this award. For first-time attendees (where the applicant is in the process of applying to one of the programmes for the first time) awards will be dependent on the acceptance into the course.

Awardees need to attend the ESRAM programme and submit a participation report including a summary for the possibility of publishing on the EARMA website and/or EARMA newsletter.

Applicants will automatically receive an e-mail with instructions from EARMA on how and when to report upon completion of the respective programme/workshop.