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If you want to be involved in the Research Management and AI Tools thematic group, please join here (scroll down to see your Thematic Group). If you are not a member of EARMA, you must first register as a "Guest", "Institutional", or "Individual" member, or you can also connect with us on LinkedIn.


In recent years, the landscape of research management has witnessed a notable transformation, driven by the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its diverse applications. Research institutions across Europe are exploring the potential of AI to streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and revolutionise the way research is conducted. EARMA, as a prominent association dedicated to advancing research management, has identified the pressing need for a specialised forum to address the evolving role of AI in our profession.



The proposed establishment of a thematic group titled Research Management and AI Tools aims to offer a collaborative hub within EARMA’s vibrant landscape. This initiative is driven by a shared passion among industry experts, professionals, and enthusiasts in exploring the role of AI in research management. The motivation is to harness collective wisdom, share best practices, and co-create solutions that streamline the integration of AI tools into daily practices. Establishing this thematic group aligns with EARMA's mission to enhance the profession of research management and create a platform for sharing best practices.



The primary objectives of the Research Management and AI Tools thematic group will be:

  • Leadership in AI integration: Curate advanced knowledge and insights on effectively integrating AI into research management practices, and integrate this knowledge into practice through our membership.
  • Dissemination of best practices: Create a knowledge repository comprising case studies and guidelines to facilitate the seamless use of AI tools.
  • Collaborative learning: Establish an interactive platform for sharing ideas, experiences, and learning to drive continuous improvement and innovation.


Contribution to EARMA

This thematic group aligns seamlessly with EARMA's core vision of nurturing excellence in research management. By fostering this specialised group, EARMA can support its members in navigating the AI-driven transformation of the research ecosystem. The forum will act as a conduit for advancing research methodologies, optimising resource allocation, and preparing institutions for the AI-enabled future. Activities and tasks developed by this thematic group could potentially align and collaborate with EARMA´s already established thematic groups, fostering a bridge between practices and knowledge.


Contributions to Europe's research community

The group's initiatives will offer a cross-border exchange of insights, and high level view of emerging practices, challenges, and opportunities ultimately contributing to the harmonisation of AI practices in research management across Europe. By leveraging the collective expertise of diverse institutions and countries, the group will elevate the standards of research management practices, serving as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency.



The establishment of a dedicated thematic group on Research Management and AI Tools within EARMA presents a vital step toward propelling research institutions and practitioners into the AI-enabled era. The collaborative synergy and knowledge-sharing within this group promise to revolutionise how research is managed, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and continuous advancement in the European research landscape.


The core group, Chair and Co-Chair

We have invited a group of seven highly competent research managers to be part of the core group. When establishing the core group we have tried to secure diversity both in geographical location and in competence. 


The core group is:

Erlend K. Haavardsholm (Chair), Norway

Styliani Petroudi (CYENS, Crowdhelix) (Co-Chair), Cyprus

John Judge, Ireland

Mads Lykke Berggreen, Denmark

Erika Kurucz (RM roadmap ambassador), Hungary

Hiwa Målen (RM roadmap ambassador), Norway

Martin Scott, University College London, United Kingdom 

Mads Lykke Berggreen, VIA University College, Denmark

Erika Kurucz, Budapest Corvinus University, Hungary

Ellen Schenk, DrEAMS Funding Consultancy, Netherlands