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Welcoming new EARMA team members

Welcoming new EARMA team members

EARMA has been going from strength to strength due to the support of our community. To ensure that we are able to respond to the needs of the community, EARMA has expanded the office team to accomodate this growth. This includes increasing the events management, membership and projects teams. We are very pleased to welcome our four new team members, Ekaterina, Terezia, Olaf and Michalina, to EARMA and we know that you will join us in welcoming them.


Ekaterina round

Ekaterina Tsaranok - Membership and Events Officer

Before joining EARMA, Ekaterina helped universities from the CIS countries develop their most ambitious educational programmes. She established links and arranged meetings, lectures and scientific conferences with the representatives of universities, high-tech parks, research institutes, international and governmental organisations. 

Ekaterina established her business in academic diplomacy and interest representation at the European Institutions in 2010 after completing her training programmes at the German Parliament, European Parliament and Embassy of Belarus. In 2016, she launched the Modern Education & Research Institute in Brussels with the goal to facilitate academic exchange and research cooperation between the universities of Central Asia and EU.

Ekaterina is a speaker, lecturer, blogger and regular contributor to several TV channels and magazines on new trends in higher education. Outside of the office hours, you can meet her on the tennis court or at a tango milonga. Over coffee, she likes talking about classical music and musicians, art and artists as well as her recent and future mountain hikes. 


Terezia round

Terezia Minarikova - Membership and Events Officer

Born in the heart of Europe - Slovakia and based in Brussels, Terezia holds a Master's Degree in Business Management with two years of international studies, one in Finland - Lapland University of Applied Sciences, and the second in the United Kingdom - the University of Southampton.

After starting her career as a Customer Care Specialist in growth-stage tech startup Slido, Terezia went on to join the People Ops team, bringing the book club culture - to boost the connections between colleagues across different regions. At Slido, Terezia experienced firsthand the challenges and tradeoffs many teams face when they are scaling up. Prior to joining EARMA, Terezia managed environmentally and socially concerned projects for more than 2 years. During that time, she learned how to build and foster a community of passionate young professionals, who would, in turn, be willing to advocate the latest practices in good oral hygiene to the public. She also had the privilege to develop the strategy of recollecting used CURAPROX toothbrushes, turning them into recycled bins, and utilising them at primary schools around Slovakia. In January 2022, Terezia was approached by Google and Teach for Slovakia to become a supervisor of an educational program that helps kids and teachers be safe, confident explorers of the online world.

In her spare time, she is a huge adventurer, video creator, lover of jazz - swing - latino, and she enjoys cooking dinners for family and friends. Now, she is very excited to join the community of EARMA, to bring her positive attitude, learnings from past experiences, and her energy to every event and action, especially for our online community.

Olaf Svenningsen - Senior RM Liaison/Senior Project Advisor

A geologist and researcher by training, Olaf switched career path in the year 2000, when he took his first job as a research manager at the US National Science Foundation. Since then, he has worked with RMAs at four universities, two major research funders, and one research hospital in three countries (Denmark, Sweden, and the USA), where he supported hundreds of research project and proposals to all types of funders; from the smallest individual projects to gigantic endeavors like EarthScope, or the Human Protein Atlas.

From 2013 to 2018, Olaf was Chair the Danish Association of Research Managers and Administrators (DARMA). In 2013 to 2015, he was on the EARMA Board, he has served on several EARMA working groups and standing committees and is currently a trainer in ESRAM (Early-Stage Research Administrator Masterclass).

When he is not working, you may see Olaf and his wife touring on their custom-built tandem bike, or kayaking along the fjords and bays around the island of Funen, where they live.


Michalina Skotnicka - Project Assistant​

Michalina, originally from Poland, holds Bachelor's and Master's degree in Southeast Asian Studies and Bachelor's degree in International Trade Relations. As a student, she used all opportunities for personal development, spending much of her studying time on exchanges and internships in Indonesia, Portugal and Germany. Before joining EARMA, Michalina completed traineeships at the Embassy of Poland in Jakarta and the Single Resolution Board as a Blue Book trainee. She worked in a localisation agency in Berlin specialising in partnership coordination and business development.
Michalina is interested in global geopolitics, trade and political ties between Europe and Asia.